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 |o*array.hDynamic and flexible arrays for C
 |o*bipartite.hImplements bipartite matchings
 |o*gaussjordan.hSolves a system of linear equations
 |o*hashptr.hHash functions
 |o*hungarian.hSolving the Minimum Assignment Problem using the Hungarian Method
 |o*obst.hProvides obstack_chunk_alloc and obstack_chunk_free for obstack.h
 |o*pdeq.hDouble ended queue of generic pointers
 |o*plist.hSimple, non circular, double linked pointer list. Created because the properties of the standard circular list were not very well suited for the interference graph implementation. This list uses an obstack and a free-list to efficiently manage its elements
 |o*pmap.hSimplified hashmap for pointer->pointer relations
 |o*pqueue.hImplementation of a priority queue. This is the ported version of the original Java implementation by Matthias Braun
 |o*pset.hOptimized version of set for sets containing only pointers (deprecated)
 |o*set.hHashset: datastructure containing objects accessible by their key
 |o*unionfind.hUnion-Find datastructure
 |\*xmalloc.hNever failing wrappers for malloc() & friends
 o*analyze_irg_args.hRead/write analyze of graph argument, which have mode reference
 o*be.hGeneric backend types and interfaces
 o*begin.hShould be included in all public firm headers at the beginning
 o*callgraph.hRepresentation and computation of the callgraph
 o*cdep.hControl dependence analysis
 o*cgana.hIntraprozedural analyses to estimate the call graph
 o*dbginfo.hImplements the Firm interface to debug information
 o*end.hShould be included in all public firm headers at the end
 o*execfreq.hCompute an estimate of basic block executions
 o*firm.hCentral firm header
 o*firm_common.hCommon firm declarations
 o*firm_types.hDefinition of opaque firm types
 o*firmstat.hStatistics for Firm
 o*heights.hCompute heights of nodes inside basic blocks
 o*ident.hData type for unique names
 o*irarch.hSome machine dependent optimizations
 o*ircgopt.hRemoval of unreachable methods
 o*ircons.hVarious irnode constructors
 o*irconsconfirm.hConstruction of Confirm nodes
 o*irdom.hConstruct and access dominator tree
 o*irdump.hWrite vcg representation of firm to file
 o*iredgekinds.hDeclares different kind of edges between nodes
 o*iredges.hPublic header for the automatically updating outs
 o*irflag.hFlags to control optimizations
 o*irgmod.hSupport for ir graph modification
 o*irgopt.hOptimizations for a whole ir graph, i.e., a procedure
 o*irgraph.hEntry point to the representation of procedure code
 o*irgwalk.hTraverse an ir graph
 o*irhooks.hGeneric hooks for various libFirm functions
 o*irio.hInput/Output textual representation of firm
 o*irloop.hLoop datastructure and access functions
 o*irmemory.hMemory disambiguator
 o*irmode.hData modes of operations
 o*irnode.hRepresentation of an intermediate operation
 o*irop.hRepresentation of opcode of intermediate operation
 o*iropt.hIropt — optimizations of an ir node
 o*iroptimize.hAvailable Optimisations of libFirm
 o*irouts.hCompute and access out edges (also called def-use edges)
 o*irpass.hManager for transformation passes
 o*irprintf.hA little printf understanding some firm types
 o*irprog.hEntry point to the representation of a whole program
 o*irtypeinfo.hData structure to hold type information for nodes
 o*irverify.hCheck irnodes for correctness
 o*lowering.hLowering of high level constructs
 o*statev.hStatistic events
 o*timing.hPlatform neutral timing utilities
 o*trouts.hReverse edges that reference types/entities
 o*tv.hRepresentation of and static computations on target machine values
 o*typerep.hDeclarations for functions and datastructures to represent types
 \*vrp.hAnalyse the graph with value range propagation