Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCbackend_paramsThis structure contains parameters that should be propagated to the libFirm parameter set
oChook_entry_tHook entry
oCi_call_recordAn intrinsic call record
oCi_instr_recordAn intrinsic instruction record
oCi_recordAn intrinsic record
oCir_asm_constraintA input/output constraint attribute
oCir_op_opsIo_op Operations
oCir_settings_arch_dep_tA parameter structure that drives the machine dependent Firm optimizations
oCloop_elementLoop elements: loop nodes and ir nodes
oCplist_element_tAn element in the pointer list
oCplist_tThe plist data type
oCpmap_entryA key, value pair
oCpset_entryThe entry of a pset, representing an element pointer in the set and its meta-information
oCruntime_rtA runtime routine description
oCset_entryThe entry of a set, representing an element in the set and its meta-information
oCsrc_loc_tA sourcecode location
oCsymconst_symbolSymConst attribute
oCtarval_mode_infoThis structure contains helper information to format the output of a tarval of a mode
oCtype_or_entA data type to treat types and entities as the same
\Cvrp_attrVRP information for a single node