libfirm Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for libfirm/:


directory  adt


file  analyze_irg_args.h [code]
 read/write analyze of graph argument, which have mode reference
file  be.h [code]
 Generic backend types and interfaces.
file  begin.h [code]
 Should be included in all public firm headers at the beginning.
file  callgraph.h [code]
 Representation and computation of the callgraph.
file  cdep.h [code]
 control dependence analysis
file  cgana.h [code]
 Intraprozedural analyses to estimate the call graph.
file  dbginfo.h [code]
 Implements the Firm interface to debug information.
file  end.h [code]
 Should be included in all public firm headers at the end.
file  execfreq.h [code]
 Compute an estimate of basic block executions.
file  firm.h [code]
 Central firm header.
file  firm_common.h [code]
 common firm declarations
file  firm_types.h [code]
 Definition of opaque firm types.
file  firmstat.h [code]
 Statistics for Firm.
file  heights.h [code]
 Compute heights of nodes inside basic blocks.
file  ident.h [code]
 Data type for unique names.
file  irarch.h [code]
 Some machine dependent optimizations.
file  ircgopt.h [code]
 Removal of unreachable methods.
file  ircons.h [code]
 Various irnode constructors.
file  irconsconfirm.h [code]
 Construction of Confirm nodes.
file  irdom.h [code]
 Construct and access dominator tree.
file  irdump.h [code]
 Write vcg representation of firm to file.
file  iredgekinds.h [code]
 Declares different kind of edges between nodes.
file  iredges.h [code]
 Public header for the automatically updating outs.
file  irflag.h [code]
 Flags to control optimizations.
file  irgmod.h [code]
 Support for ir graph modification.
file  irgopt.h [code]
 Optimizations for a whole ir graph, i.e., a procedure.
file  irgraph.h [code]
 Entry point to the representation of procedure code.
file  irgwalk.h [code]
 Traverse an ir graph.
file  irhooks.h [code]
 Generic hooks for various libFirm functions.
file  irio.h [code]
 Input/Output textual representation of firm.
file  irloop.h [code]
 Loop datastructure and access functions.
file  irmemory.h [code]
 Memory disambiguator.
file  irmode.h [code]
 Data modes of operations.
file  irnode.h [code]
 Representation of an intermediate operation.
file  irop.h [code]
 Representation of opcode of intermediate operation.
file  iropt.h [code]
 iropt — optimizations of an ir node.
file  iroptimize.h [code]
 Available Optimisations of libFirm.
file  irouts.h [code]
 Compute and access out edges (also called def-use edges).
file  irpass.h [code]
 Manager for transformation passes.
file  irprintf.h [code]
 A little printf understanding some firm types.
file  irprog.h [code]
 Entry point to the representation of a whole program.
file  irtypeinfo.h [code]
 Data structure to hold type information for nodes.
file  irverify.h [code]
 Check irnodes for correctness.
file  lowering.h [code]
 Lowering of high level constructs.
file  nodeops.h [code]
file  opcodes.h [code]
file  statev.h [code]
 Statistic events.
file  timing.h [code]
 platform neutral timing utilities
file  trouts.h [code]
 Reverse edges that reference types/entities.
file  tv.h [code]
 Representation of and static computations on target machine values.
file  typerep.h [code]
 Declarations for functions and datastructures to represent types.
file  vrp.h [code]
 Analyse the graph with value range propagation.