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yComp - VCG Viewer and Compiler Graph Visualization Tool

yComp is a visualization tool for program dependency graphs in VCG format.


  • Fully automatic layouting of graphs, producing high quality output

  • Easy to use GUI supporting panning, zooming and keyboard shortcuts for fast navigation

  • Support for exporting graphs as SVG

  • Support for exporting graphs as PGF/TikZ for simple integration into LaTeX documents


You can download yComp-1.3.19 here. A Java Runtime Environment (version 5 or higher) is needed to run yComp.


This software is based on the yFiles library.

yWorks GmbH granted an academic license for „yFiles“ to IPD Goos: An academic license restricts the use of the software (yComp) to non-commercial purposes (research, teaching, projects, courses and application development).