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You want to try out libFirm? libFirm itself is just a library, so you probably want our C frontend cparser as well.


Check it out with git:

$ git clone --recursive

This will download cparser and recursively the Firm library.

Now build everything. You need a C compiler, GNU Make, Perl, and Python.

$ cd cparser
$ make

Now you should have a working binary.

$ build/debug/cparser --version


Our compiler tries to be a drop in replacement for GCC, so it supports the same arguments. Make it accesible through your PATH environment variable (we tend to create a symlink of build/debug/cparser into $HOME/.local/bin here which is in our PATH).

Try it on some C99 code:

Compile a single file test.c
$ cparser -Wall -O3 test.c
Using cparser in a Makefile based project
CC=cparser make

Note that on 64-bit systems, you have to additionally pass -m32 because cparser generates 32-bit code by default.

If you find bugs, please report them in our issue tracker.