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  • Works exclusively on a graph-based SSA representation ("sea of nodes") until emission of assembly code.

  • Written in portable C99: Known to compile with gcc, clang and icc on Linux, FreeBSD, Cygwin.

  • Includes doxygen documentation


  • Dominance

  • Loop Tree

  • Execution frequency (estimated, profiling with instrumentation)

  • Control Dependencies

  • Inter-procedural Call Graph

  • Def-Use

  • Alias Analysis


  • Dead Code Elimination (happens implicitly)

  • Constant Folding (happens on the fly)

  • Local Common Subexpression Elimination (happens on the fly)

  • Arithmetic Identities (happens on the fly)

  • Unreachable Code Elimination

  • Global Common Subexpression Elimination

  • Code Placement

  • Operator Strength Reduction

  • Scalar Replacement

  • Load/Store Optimisation

  • Control Flow Optimisations

  • If-conversion

  • Jump Threading

  • Reassociation

  • Tail Recursion Elimination

  • Inlining

  • Procedure Cloning

Code Generation

  • Mature code generation for x86 (32-bit) with support for x87 and SSE2 floating point

  • Mature code generation for SPARC

  • Code generation for x86-64

  • Experimental code generation for ARM

  • Novel SSA based register allocator

  • Several spilling algorithms

  • Several copy coalescing algorithms

  • Algorithms for instruction and basic block scheduling

  • ABI handling helpers

Development Support

  • Extensive checkers

  • Builtin debugger: breakpoints on node creation/entity creation, graph dumping, visual studio debug extension

  • Lowering of intrinsics, double word arithmetics, bitfields