Technical Report: Incremental Configuration Management Based on Feature Unification

[zeller94csr]Andreas Zeller, Gregor Snelting, Incremental Configuration Management Based on Feature Unification, TU Braunschweig, Technical Report, 1994.


We apply feature logic to the problem of incremental configuration management. Feature logic has originally been developed in computer linguistics as a knowledge representation and inference mechanism. It offers a uniform formalism for the description of variants and revisions, where sets of versions rather than single versions are the basic units of reasoning. Feature logic thus opens a whole algebra of version sets, which includes specific configurations as special cases. Our approach allows for interactive configuration management, where a configuration thread is constructed by adding or modifying configuration constraints until either a complete configuration or an inconsistency can be deduced. A set of versions of a software component can be represented and processed as a single source file enriched with preprocessor statements. Thus, our tool can be used as an intelligent front end to more traditional techniques.




Authors at the institute

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Prof. Gregor Snelting
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Prof. Dr. Andreas Zeller