Conference Papers: Understanding Class Hierarchies with KABA

[streckenbach99woor]Mirko Streckenbach, Gregor Snelting, Understanding Class Hierarchies with KABA, 2nd Workshop on Object-Oriented Reengineering, Toulouse, September 1999.


KABA is a prototype implementation of the Snelting/Tip analysis for JAVA. KABA combines dataflow analysis, type inference and concept lattices in order to perform a fine-grained analysis of member-access patterns in a class hierarchy together with a given set of applications. KABA computes a transformed hierarchy which is guaranteed to be 1. operationally equivalent, 2. maximally factorized, 3. minimal. The new hierarchy in particular makes obvious which classes can be splitted and which cannot; which inheritance relations must be retained and which can be discarded. The paper presents several case studies on medium-sized JAVA programs.




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Prof. Gregor Snelting
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Dr. rer. nat. Mirko Streckenbach