Konferenzartikel: NORA/HAMMR: Making Deduction-Based Software Component Retrieval Practical

[schumann97ase]Johann Schumann, Bernd Fischer, NORA/HAMMR: Making Deduction-Based Software Component Retrieval Practical, Proc. Automated Software Engineering (ASE-97), pp. 246--254, November 1997.


Deduction-based software component retrieval uses pre- and postconditions as indexes and search keys and an automated theorem prover (ATP) to check whether a component matches. This idea is very simple but the vast number of arising proof tasks makes a practical implementation very hard. We thus pass the components through a chain of filters of increasing deductive power. In this chain, rejection filters based on signature matching and model checking techniques are used to rule out non-matches as early as possible and to prevent the subsequent ATP from ``drowning.'' Hence, intermediate results of reasonable precision are available at (almost) any time of the retrieval process. The final ATP step then works as a confirmation filter to lift the precision of the answer set. We implemented a chain which runs fully automatically and uses MACE for model checking and the automated prover SETHEO as confirmation filter. We evaluated the system over a medium-sized collection of components. The results encourage our approach.




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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Bernd Fischer