Conference Papers: Coherence via Well-Foundedness: Taming Set-Quotients in Homotopy Type Theory

[DBLP:conf/lics/KrausR20]Nicolai Kraus, Jakob von Raumer, Coherence via Well-Foundedness: Taming Set-Quotients in Homotopy Type Theory, Holger Hermanns and Lijun Zhang and Naoki Kobayashi and Dale Miller (Ed.), LICS '20: 35th Annual {ACM/IEEE} Symposium on Logic in Computer Science, Saarbr{\"U}cken, Germany, July 8-11, 2020, pp. 662--675, ACM, 2020.


Suppose we are given a graph and want to show a property for all its cycles (closed chains). Induction on the length of cycles does not work since sub-chains of a cycle are not necessarily closed. This paper derives a principle reminiscent of induction for cycles for the case that the graph is given as the symmetric closure of a locally confluent and (co-)well-founded relation. We show that, assuming the property in question is sufficiently nice, it is enough to prove it for the empty cycle and for cycles given by local confluence. Our motivation and application is in the field of homotopy type theory, which allows us to work with the higher-dimensional structures that appear in homotopy theory and in higher category theory, making coherence a central issue. This is in particular true for quotienting - a natural operation which gives a new type for any binary relation on a type and, in order to be well-behaved, cuts off higher structure (set-truncates). The latter makes it hard to characterise the type of maps from a quotient into a higher type, and several open problems stem from this difficulty. We prove our theorem on cycles in a type-theoretic setting and use it to show coherence conditions necessary to eliminate from set-quotients into 1-types, deriving approximations to open problems on free groups and pushouts. We have formalised the main result in the proof assistant Lean.




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