1 /*
2  * This file is part of libFirm.
3  * Copyright (C) 2012 University of Karlsruhe.
4  */
11 #ifndef FIRM_IR_IRGRAPH_H
12 #define FIRM_IR_IRGRAPH_H
14 #include <stddef.h>
16 #include "firm_types.h"
17 #include "begin.h"
126 FIRM_API ir_graph *new_ir_graph(ir_entity *ent, int n_loc);
135 FIRM_API void free_ir_graph(ir_graph *irg);
138 FIRM_API ir_entity *get_irg_entity(const ir_graph *irg);
140 FIRM_API void set_irg_entity(ir_graph *irg, ir_entity *ent);
143 FIRM_API ir_type *get_irg_frame_type(ir_graph *irg);
145 FIRM_API void set_irg_frame_type(ir_graph *irg, ir_type *ftp);
148 FIRM_API ir_node *get_irg_start_block(const ir_graph *irg);
150 FIRM_API void set_irg_start_block(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node);
153 FIRM_API ir_node *get_irg_start(const ir_graph *irg);
155 FIRM_API void set_irg_start(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node);
158 FIRM_API ir_node *get_irg_end_block(const ir_graph *irg);
160 FIRM_API void set_irg_end_block(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node);
163 FIRM_API ir_node *get_irg_end(const ir_graph *irg);
165 FIRM_API void set_irg_end(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node);
168 FIRM_API ir_node *get_irg_frame(const ir_graph *irg);
170 FIRM_API void set_irg_frame(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node);
173 FIRM_API ir_node *get_irg_initial_mem(const ir_graph *irg);
175 FIRM_API void set_irg_initial_mem(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node);
178 FIRM_API ir_node *get_irg_args(const ir_graph *irg);
180 FIRM_API void set_irg_args(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node);
183 FIRM_API ir_node *get_irg_no_mem(const ir_graph *irg);
185 FIRM_API void set_irg_no_mem(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node);
188 FIRM_API int get_irg_n_locs(ir_graph *irg);
191 FIRM_API long get_irg_graph_nr(const ir_graph *irg);
198 FIRM_API size_t get_irg_idx(const ir_graph *irg);
209 FIRM_API ir_node *get_idx_irn(const ir_graph *irg, unsigned idx);
218 FIRM_API op_pin_state get_irg_pinned(const ir_graph *irg);
227 typedef enum {
240 FIRM_API void set_irg_link(ir_graph *irg, void *thing);
242 FIRM_API void *get_irg_link(const ir_graph *irg);
246 FIRM_API void inc_irg_visited(ir_graph *irg);
249 FIRM_API ir_visited_t get_irg_visited(const ir_graph *irg);
252 FIRM_API void set_irg_visited(ir_graph *irg, ir_visited_t i);
255 FIRM_API ir_visited_t get_max_irg_visited(void);
258 FIRM_API void set_max_irg_visited(int val);
261 FIRM_API ir_visited_t inc_max_irg_visited(void);
266 FIRM_API void inc_irg_block_visited(ir_graph *irg);
269 FIRM_API ir_visited_t get_irg_block_visited(const ir_graph *irg);
272 FIRM_API void set_irg_block_visited(ir_graph *irg, ir_visited_t i);
279 typedef enum ir_resources_t {
288 ENUM_BITSET(ir_resources_t)
297 FIRM_API void ir_reserve_resources(ir_graph *irg, ir_resources_t resources);
299 FIRM_API void ir_free_resources(ir_graph *irg, ir_resources_t resources);
301 FIRM_API ir_resources_t ir_resources_reserved(const ir_graph *irg);
348 ENUM_BITSET(ir_graph_constraints_t)
351 FIRM_API void add_irg_constraints(ir_graph *irg,
352  ir_graph_constraints_t constraints);
354 FIRM_API void clear_irg_constraints(ir_graph *irg,
355  ir_graph_constraints_t constraints);
357 FIRM_API int irg_is_constrained(const ir_graph *irg,
358  ir_graph_constraints_t constraints);
365 typedef enum ir_graph_properties_t {
427 ENUM_BITSET(ir_graph_properties_t)
430 FIRM_API void add_irg_properties(ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_properties_t props);
432 FIRM_API void clear_irg_properties(ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_properties_t props);
434 FIRM_API int irg_has_properties(const ir_graph *irg,
435  ir_graph_properties_t props);
438 FIRM_API void set_irg_loc_description(ir_graph *irg, int n, void *description);
441 FIRM_API void *get_irg_loc_description(ir_graph *irg, int n);
444 FIRM_API unsigned get_irg_last_idx(const ir_graph *irg);
450 FIRM_API void assure_irg_properties(ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_properties_t props);
457 FIRM_API void confirm_irg_properties(ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_properties_t props);
461 #include "end.h"
463 #endif
dominance information about the graph is valid
Definition: irgraph.h:382
void set_irg_frame(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node)
Sets the node that represents the frame pointer of the given IR graph.
IR-loop link fields are used.
Definition: irgraph.h:285
There are normalisations where there is no "best" representative.
Definition: irgraph.h:324
ir_node * get_idx_irn(const ir_graph *irg, unsigned idx)
Returns the node for an index.
void set_irg_loc_description(ir_graph *irg, int n, void *description)
Sets a description for local value n.
void set_irg_start(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node)
Sets the Start node of an IR graph.
graph contains no Bad nodes
Definition: irgraph.h:370
struct ir_graph ir_graph
Procedure Graph.
Definition: firm_types.h:74
ir_visited_t get_irg_block_visited(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns block visited counter.
void set_irg_end_block(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node)
Sets the end block of an IR graph.
graph contains as many returns as possible
Definition: irgraph.h:399
ir_node * get_irg_end_block(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the end block of an IR graph.
graph contains at most one return
Definition: irgraph.h:380
IR-node link fields are used.
Definition: irgraph.h:284
void clear_irg_constraints(ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_constraints_t constraints)
clears some graph constraints
We have a backend graph: all data values have register constraints annotated.
Definition: irgraph.h:346
graph constraints: These are typically used when lowering a graph for a target machine, typically you get stricter constraints the closer you get to a real machine.
Definition: irgraph.h:309
graph state.
Definition: irgraph.h:365
pinned states.
Definition: firm_types.h:198
int get_irg_n_locs(ir_graph *irg)
Returns the number of value numbers of an IR graph.
void ir_free_resources(ir_graph *irg, ir_resources_t resources)
Frees previously reserved resources.
struct ir_node ir_node
Procedure Graph Node.
Definition: firm_types.h:53
mode_b nodes have been lowered so you should not create any new nodes with mode_b (except for Cmp) ...
Definition: irgraph.h:318
ir_node * get_irg_end(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the End node of an IR graph.
void set_irg_end(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node)
Sets the End node of an IR graph.
void set_irg_frame_type(ir_graph *irg, ir_type *ftp)
Sets the frame type of an IR graph.
void set_irg_link(ir_graph *irg, void *thing)
A void * field to link arbitrary information to the node.
void inc_irg_block_visited(ir_graph *irg)
Increments block visited counter by one.
int irg_is_constrained(const ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_constraints_t constraints)
queries whether irg is at least as constrained as constraints.
no resource
Definition: irgraph.h:280
ir_node * get_irg_start(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the Start node of an IR graph.
void set_irg_visited(ir_graph *irg, ir_visited_t i)
Sets node visited counter.
postdominance information about the graph is valid
Definition: irgraph.h:384
No tuple nodes exist in the graph.
Definition: irgraph.h:372
void set_irg_block_visited(ir_graph *irg, ir_visited_t i)
Sets block visited counter.
ir_entity * get_irg_entity(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the entity of an IR graph.
irg_callee_info_state get_irg_callee_info_state(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the callee_info_state of an IR graph.
Should not construct more nodes which irarch potentially breaks down.
Definition: irgraph.h:313
graph contains no critical edges
Definition: irgraph.h:368
ir_graph * new_ir_graph(ir_entity *ent, int n_loc)
Create a new ir graph to build ir for a procedure.
ir_node * get_irg_frame(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the node that represents the frame pointer of the given IR graph.
unsigned get_irg_last_idx(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the last irn index for this graph.
void inc_irg_visited(ir_graph *irg)
Increments node visited counter by one.
state: callee_information_state Call nodes contain a list of possible callees.
Definition: irgraph.h:227
there exists no (obviously) unreachable code in the graph.
Definition: irgraph.h:378
void * get_irg_loc_description(ir_graph *irg, int n)
Returns the description for local value n.
Allows localopts to remove edges to unreachable code.
Definition: irgraph.h:330
outs (irouts) are computed and up to date
Definition: irgraph.h:393
void clear_irg_properties(ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_properties_t props)
clears some graph properties
ir_node * get_irg_start_block(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the start block of an IR graph.
ir_node * get_irg_initial_mem(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the node that represents the initial memory of the given IR graph.
ir_visited_t inc_max_irg_visited(void)
Increment interprocedural node visited counter by one.
void confirm_irg_properties(ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_properties_t props)
Invalidates all graph properties/analysis data except the ones specified in props.
void add_irg_properties(ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_properties_t props)
sets some state properties on the graph
Intermediate language constructs not supported by the backend have been lowered.
Definition: irgraph.h:341
op_pin_state get_irg_pinned(const ir_graph *irg)
state: op_pin_state_pinned The graph is "op_pin_state_pinned" if all nodes are associated with a basi...
void set_irg_no_mem(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node)
Sets the NoMem node of graph irg.
entity usage information is computed and up to date
Definition: irgraph.h:397
ir_visited_t get_irg_visited(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns node visited counter.
List of all graph properties.
Definition: irgraph.h:417
void ir_reserve_resources(ir_graph *irg, ir_resources_t resources)
Reserves resources of a graph.
IR-node visited flags are used.
Definition: irgraph.h:283
ir_resources_t ir_resources_reserved(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns currently reserved resources.
List of all graph properties that are only affected by control flow changes.
Definition: irgraph.h:405
dominance frontiers information is calculated
Definition: irgraph.h:386
Block visited flags are used.
Definition: irgraph.h:281
void set_irg_start_block(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node)
Sets the start block of an IR graph.
ir_node * get_irg_no_mem(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the NoMem node of the given IR graph.
ir_node * get_irg_args(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the node that represents the argument pointer of the given IR graph.
size_t get_irg_idx(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the graph number.
void * get_irg_link(const ir_graph *irg)
Return void* field previously set by set_irg_link()
void set_irg_initial_mem(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node)
Sets the node that represents the initial memory of the given IR graph.
loopinfo is computed and up to date
Definition: irgraph.h:395
int irg_has_properties(const ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_properties_t props)
queries whether irg has the props properties set
ir_type * get_irg_frame_type(ir_graph *irg)
Returns the frame type of an IR graph.
Debug helpers: You can indicate whether you are currently using visited or block_visited flags...
Definition: irgraph.h:279
Block Phi lists are used.
Definition: irgraph.h:286
void set_irg_callee_info_state(ir_graph *irg, irg_callee_info_state s)
Sets the callee_info_state of an IR graph.
ir_visited_t get_max_irg_visited(void)
Returns interprocedural node visited counter.
struct ir_type ir_type
Definition: firm_types.h:71
struct ir_entity ir_entity
Definition: firm_types.h:83
void set_max_irg_visited(int val)
Sets interprocedural node visited counter.
long get_irg_graph_nr(const ir_graph *irg)
Returns the graph number.
out edges (=iredges) are enable and there are no unused nodes that can be reached by following them ...
Definition: irgraph.h:391
void add_irg_constraints(ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_constraints_t constraints)
sets constraints on the graph irg
void set_irg_entity(ir_graph *irg, ir_entity *ent)
Sets the entity of an IR graph.
void set_irg_args(ir_graph *irg, ir_node *node)
Sets the node that represents the argument pointer of the given IR graph.
void assure_irg_properties(ir_graph *irg, ir_graph_properties_t props)
Ensures that a graph fulfills all properties stated in state.
Block mark bits are used.
Definition: irgraph.h:282
void free_ir_graph(ir_graph *irg)
Frees the passed irgraph.
The graph is being constructed: We have a current_block set, and blocks contain mapping of variable n...
Definition: irgraph.h:336