Art Name
study thesis AMD64 Backend
study thesis Bit-size Minimization by Data Flow Analysis
study thesis Compiler from Java to Jinja
study thesis Dataflow analysis: Enhance controlflow precision for exceptions
study thesis Deriving Restrictions on Value Types
study thesis Development of a parallel PBQP solvers with X10
study thesis Development of criteria for application of loop optimizations
study thesis Eine Systematik für lokale Optimierungen
study thesis Evaluation verschiedener Profilierungsverfahren zur Just-in-Time-Kompilierung auf eingebetteten Systemen
study thesis Optimization of Dynamic Dispatch via Rapid Type Analysis
study thesis Sparc Backend
study thesis SSA-based register assignment with integrated copy minimization
study thesis Transformation of SSA based intermediate languages
study thesis Verified Implementation of Patricia trees
study thesis Verifiying Shiver's functional CFA analysis
bachelor thesis Accelerating the X10 Compiler
bachelor thesis Application of local optimizations with respect to common subexpressions
bachelor thesis Better Benchmarking
bachelor thesis Communicating Thread Pools
bachelor thesis Exception Support
bachelor thesis FirmSmith: test generation for compiler optimizations
bachelor thesis Formalization of SSA-form
bachelor thesis Functional Firm
bachelor thesis Implementing a Distributed Breadth-First Search in X10
bachelor thesis Improved Implementation of Interface Calls
bachelor thesis Improving the libFirm Inlining Optimization
bachelor thesis Inferring equalities in functional programs
bachelor thesis Invasive Rust
bachelor thesis Invasive SSCA1 Benchmark
bachelor thesis Link Time Optimization with libFirm
bachelor thesis Modeling Uncertain Data using Monads and an Application to the Sequence Alignment Problem
bachelor thesis Normalization of Graph-based Intermediate Representations
bachelor thesis Optimierung von Stencil-Algorithmen für invasive Architekturen
bachelor thesis Qualitative Modelling of Biological Signalling Pathways using SAT-solving in Prolog
bachelor thesis Visualization of Lazy Evaluation and Sharing
bachelor/study thesis Android bytecode: Dalvik frontend for program analysis tool
bachelor/study thesis Constructing control flow graphs in a functional language
bachelor/study thesis Converting System Dependence Graphs from the CodeSurfer tool
bachelor/study thesis Eclipse-Plugin: Visualize Threadproperties
bachelor/study thesis Functional summary edge computation for PDGs
bachelor/study thesis Stack Allocation via Escape Analysis
bachelor/study thesis Verified implementation for control dependencies
bachelor/study thesis Verified implementation for data dependencies
masters thesis Call Arity vs. Demand Analysis
masters thesis Formalization of SSA-form
masters thesis Invasive Distributed Job Queue Framework
masters thesis Jump Threading in LibFirm
masters thesis Open inductive predicates
masters thesis Simple Verification of Rust Programs via Functional Purification
masters thesis Synthesizing Instruction Selection
Diploma thesis Strategies for Data Flow Analysis on Control Flow Graphs
Diploma thesis A functional, complete and referentially transparent intermediate representation for compilers
Diploma thesis Automated Model Generation for the Lifecycle of Android Applications
Diploma thesis Comparing Algorithmic and Logic based Points-to Analyses
Diploma thesis Generation of Local Optimizations
Diploma thesis Optimierung einer funktionalen und referentiell transparenten Zwischendarstellung
Diploma thesis Representing alias information in the program graph structure
Diploma thesis SSA-based partial redundancy elimination