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* scripts: Reformat python code to be mostly pep8 compliantMatthias Braun2016-12-30
* Prepare for 1.22.1Matthias Braun2016-01-06
* make_release: Create .gz and .xz variantsMatthias Braun2016-01-02
* fix/improve make_release.shMatthias Braun2015-12-06
* Update for release, add simple scriptMatthias Braun2015-12-06
* Update cmake export/config stuffMatthias Braun2015-12-06
* Remove lpp_server the client parts are already removed anywayMatthias Braun2015-10-18
* Move statev_examples to support dirMatthias Braun2015-10-05
* move to supportMatthias Braun2015-01-31
* cleanup: Remove unnecessary #include <limits.h>.Christoph Mallon2015-01-25
* Add space after 'switch'.Sebastian Buchwald2014-05-27
* all: Remove unnecessary #include <stdarg.h>.Christoph Mallon2014-04-10
* all: Use MIN.Christoph Mallon2014-03-29
* cleanup: Remove unnecessary #include <string.h>.Christoph Mallon2013-01-05
* cleanup: Remove unnecessary #include.Christoph Mallon2012-12-21
* remove license stuff from filesMatthias Braun2012-12-12
* documentation: Remove explicit filename after @file.Christoph Mallon2012-12-12
* Fixed stupid typo.Manuel Mohr2011-12-07
* Write and read FIRM profiling information in little-endian format.Manuel Mohr2011-12-05
* lpp: adapt to firm coding conventions, warning fixes, cleanupMatthias Braun2011-06-20
* add libfirmprof helper libraryMatthias Braun2011-04-28