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* remove debug graph dumps from LCSSA transformationJohannes Bucher2020-02-06
* Place fewer Phis when constructing LCSSA form.better-lcssaAndreas Fried2019-06-19
* Only construct LCSSA Phis if control flow leaves a loop.Andreas Fried2019-06-19
* Add debugging output to LCSSA construction.Andreas Fried2019-06-19
* add copyright headersElias Aebi2019-01-24
* clean upElias Aebi2019-01-24
* clean upElias Aebi2019-01-24
* simplifyElias Aebi2019-01-24
* LCSSA: insert phis in every blockElias Aebi2019-01-24
* use the debug macroElias Aebi2019-01-24
* LCSSA: add phi nodes for mode_M predecessorsElias Aebi2019-01-24
* LCSSA: ignore keep-alive edgesElias Aebi2019-01-24
* coding styleElias Aebi2019-01-24
* separate the LCSSA functions into their own fileElias Aebi2019-01-24