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* lpp: add firm copyright header, some cleanupsMatthias Braun2011-08-12
* Fixed windows build after lpp merge.Michael Beck2011-06-25
* further cleanup of lpp codeMatthias Braun2011-06-20
* lpp: adapt to firm coding conventions, warning fixes, cleanupMatthias Braun2011-06-20
* first experimental version of gurobi ILP solverMatthias Braun2011-06-16
* outsourced some functionalitySebastian Hack2011-06-16
* remove remaining WITH_ILP uses, fix bug introduced when adapting lppMatthias Braun2011-06-16
* we always have liblpp now, remove WITH_ILP flagMatthias Braun2011-06-16
* added lppSebastian Hack2011-06-16