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* Reorganize include directivesMatthias Braun2017-02-17
* Fix indentationSebastian Buchwald2016-05-12
* Remove unnecessary #include "debug.h".Christoph Mallon2015-07-19
* lpp: Remove support for using remote solvers.Matthias Braun2015-05-28
* cleanup: Spell it <assert.h>, not "assert.h".Christoph Mallon2014-12-29
* rename error.h to panic.hMatthias Braun2014-05-28
* Add space after 'switch'.Sebastian Buchwald2014-05-27
* replace assert(0 && "message") with panic("message")Matthias Braun2013-07-04
* do not include config.h anymoreMatthias Braun2013-05-04
* Fixed warnings in optimize build.Sebastian Buchwald2013-03-11
* remove license stuff from filesMatthias Braun2012-12-12
* changed the dump format to match the cplex lp formatSebastian Hack2012-09-13
* Let matrix_foreach(), matrix_foreach_in_col() and matrix_foreach_in_row() dec...Christoph Mallon2012-07-20
* Add the return type as parameter to the macros set_find() and set_insert().Christoph Mallon2012-07-13
* make code C++ warning clean (again)Matthias Braun2012-07-10
* hashptr.h: use inline functions instead of #defineMatthias Braun2011-12-14
* wrapping stuff in DEBUG_ONLYAndreas Zwinkau2011-09-15
* lpp: call the constraint types lpp_{less|greater}_equal because they are a {l...Matthias Braun2011-08-12
* consistently give all lpp functions an lpp_ prefixMatthias Braun2011-08-12
* lpp: add firm copyright header, some cleanupsMatthias Braun2011-08-12
* further cleanup of lpp codeMatthias Braun2011-06-20
* lpp: adapt to firm coding conventions, warning fixes, cleanupMatthias Braun2011-06-20
* first experimental version of gurobi ILP solverMatthias Braun2011-06-16
* outsourced some functionalitySebastian Hack2011-06-16
* added lppSebastian Hack2011-06-16