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* remove xfree(), bitset_free() and use free() insteadMatthias Braun2013-01-29
* remove license stuff from filesMatthias Braun2012-12-12
* Let foreach_ir_nodeset() declare its iterator variables.Christoph Mallon2012-07-19
* use bool as return value in XXX_insert and ID_HASHMatthias Braun2012-07-16
* Add ir_nodeset_first() to return the "first" node in an ir_nodeset.Christoph Mallon2012-07-13
* remove old #undefMatthias Braun2012-07-13
* remove $Id$, it doesn't work with git anywayMatthias Braun2011-11-10
* s/\<\(LC_\)\?INLINE\>/inline/.Christoph Mallon2008-10-14
* no need for firm_config.h anymoreMatthias Braun2008-10-11
* Good day and welcome to the FIRM XMALLOC*() macros. These macros are provide...Christoph Mallon2008-10-05
* update copyright messageMichael Beck2008-01-02
* Removed the "specializable" arraysetSebastian Hack2007-08-02
* add missing includes, makefile updatesMatthias Braun2007-07-20
* Added sorted array sets.Sebastian Hack2007-07-12
* - Introduce nodemapMatthias Braun2007-06-25
* cleaned up doxygen commentsMatthias Braun2007-04-27
* added new licence headerChristian Würdig2007-04-27
* added some convenience function to create and delete an ir_nodesetChristian Würdig2007-03-27
* fix warning, add a Block_block_visited function, don't compile edge verificat...Matthias Braun2007-03-26