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* irarch: Leave setup to backendsMatthias Braun2017-01-28
* moved external headers into include dirMatthias Braun2007-06-01
* cleaned up doxygen commentsMatthias Braun2007-04-27
* added new licence headerChristian W├╝rdig2007-04-27
* make #ifndef at header start cannonicalMichael Beck2006-05-19
* bitfields of size 1 should be unsigned if 1 is stored thereMichael Beck2005-09-01
* updated doxygen docu, fixed typosMichael Beck2004-12-23
* changed typeMichael Beck2004-12-21
* Allow to restrict the construction of Mulh nodes by the bit size.Michael Beck2004-11-18
* Added Division by constant elimination algorithm fromMichael Beck2004-10-22
* Added Mod/DivMod optimizationsMichael Beck2004-10-06
* changed to default Firm indentMichael Beck2004-10-06
* Added architecture dependent optimizations framework.Sebastian Hack2004-10-04