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* debug: Remove the unused macros DBG_RETAIL() and DB_RETAIL().Christoph Mallon2015-01-04
* remove license stuff from filesMatthias Braun2012-12-12
* we always compile with C99 support nowMatthias Braun2012-12-04
* remove $Id$, it doesn't work with git anywayMatthias Braun2011-11-10
* fix a bunch of whitespace errors in headerfilesMatthias Braun2011-02-24
* identifiers starting with _ are reserved; remove this bad practiceMatthias Braun2010-08-12
* - newer gcc warned me about errors in our strncat usage - this function is veryMatthias Braun2009-05-17
* - indentationMichael Beck2009-01-22
* more firm_config includes removedMatthias Braun2008-10-11
* update copyright messageMichael Beck2008-01-02
* always use firm builtin debug facilities (libcore ones are more or less a cop...Matthias Braun2007-12-04
* Fix non-debug build of FIRM.Christoph Mallon2007-06-27
* Made the DEBUG_ONLY macro a little nicer (at least for me)Sebastian Hack2007-06-13
* added license information, cleaned up doxygen commentsMatthias Braun2007-04-26
* cleaned up the order of ifdef'sMichael Beck2006-03-30
* fixed defines for release modeChristian W├╝rdig2006-03-30
* add DEBUG_ONLY and RELEASE_ONLYMichael Beck2006-03-29
* introduced FIRM_DBG_REGISTER() macro to remove debug module registrationMichael Beck2006-03-28
* lightweight DB() macro addedMichael Beck2006-01-25
* add missing SET_LEVEL_0Michael Beck2005-08-10
* SET_LEVEL_0Daniel Grund2005-07-27
* Adapted to changes in libcoreSebastian Hack2005-07-25
* Added support for libcores debug interfaceMichael Beck2005-02-14
* Fixed a tiny bug.Sebastian Hack2004-12-16
* Added new firm debug functions.Sebastian Hack2004-12-15