path: root/ir/be/riscv/riscv_transform.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* riscv: simplify frame pointer relative addressingJohannes Bucher2019-10-25
* riscv: add support for variadic functionsJohannes Bucher2019-10-24
* riscv: support right shift for modes smaller than 32 bitJohannes Bucher2019-06-11
* riscv: rename register s0 -> fpJohannes Bucher2019-06-11
* riscv: support frame pointer relative addressingJohannes Bucher2019-06-11
* riscv: support Alloc nodesJohannes Bucher2019-06-11
* riscv: support extension from mode Hu (16 bit) to machine sizeJohannes Bucher2019-05-17
* riscv: fix invalid assembler errors due to too large immediatesJohannes Bucher2019-03-12
* beasm: Factor out common code to add an immediate operand.Christoph Mallon2019-03-06
* Remove duplicate calls to be_set_asm_operand().Christoph Mallon2019-03-06
* riscv: Implement a basic RISC-V 32 backend.Christoph Mallon2018-08-15