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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* - Implement all the state switching stuff needed for efficient fpu modeMatthias Braun2007-04-02
* a bunch of fixes to make firm work with NDEBUG and without DEBUG_libfirmMatthias Braun2007-03-22
* use edges_delete_node instead of setting edge inputs to Bad when killing a nodeMatthias Braun2007-02-14
* kill also block input when killing nodeChristian Würdig2007-02-14
* added function to get a user Proj with a certain proj num from a mode_T nodeChristian Würdig2007-02-12
* added fix for be_dump (start with 1 when suffix is "-abi")Christian Würdig2007-02-07
* added be_kill_node functionChristian Würdig2007-01-16
* removed obsolete functionMatthias Braun2006-12-13
* - New callback to ask nodes about constant stack pointer adjustmentMatthias Braun2006-08-24
* made a local function staticChristian Würdig2006-06-30
* added function to retrieve number of reachable nodes in an irgChristian Würdig2006-06-23
* make sure a '\0' is at the end of an snprintf'ed stringMichael Beck2006-06-21
* used irtools' firm_clear_link instead of local oneMichael Beck2006-03-31
* dump_ir_extblock_graph_sched() implementedMichael Beck2006-03-19
* added new dump wrapperChristian Würdig2006-03-16
* Several bugfixesSebastian Hack2006-03-02
* Renamed be_introduce_copies*Sebastian Hack2006-02-21
* Added a dom-tree-upwards searchDaniel Grund2006-01-25
* Made everything really kaputtSebastian Hack2005-12-08
* Set dump consts local to false for schedule dumpingSebastian Hack2005-10-10
* *** empty log message ***Daniel Grund2005-08-26
* BugfixesDaniel Grund2005-08-26
* Added is_firm_be_nodeSebastian Hack2005-08-10
* Recent version :-)Sebastian Hack2005-06-16
* Cosmetic changes to the chordal register allocatorSebastian Hack2005-05-17
* Added new arch interfaceSebastian Hack2005-05-11
* added config.h includeMichael Beck2005-05-06
* BugfixesDaniel Grund2005-01-24
* Call new interference function in phi_ops_interfereSebastian Hack2005-01-13
* changed localize_constsDaniel Grund2005-01-08
* Fixed constant placement walkerSebastian Hack2005-01-05
* Added register allocator.Sebastian Hack2004-12-15