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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* fixed signed/unsigned type mismatchMichael Beck2007-06-11
* renamed inline into INLINEMichael Beck2007-06-10
* optimize next_use calculation (quadratic in number of outs not number of node...Matthias Braun2007-06-08
* unified mein file commentsChristian Würdig2007-04-30
* added new licence headerChristian Würdig2007-04-27
* fixed more signed vs unsigned warningsChristian Würdig2007-04-19
* - Split bearch.h correctly into bearch.h and bearch_t.hMatthias Braun2007-04-18
* - change #include <config.h> back to "config.h"Matthias Braun2007-03-29
* The big committ:Matthias Braun2007-03-19
* added spaceChristian Würdig2006-12-12
* C99 feature removedMichael Beck2006-12-12
* - Several warning fixesMatthias Braun2006-12-11
* - New belady variant (see my diploma thesis + presentation)Matthias Braun2006-12-10
* spills (and phis) are no real usesMatthias Braun2006-11-17
* renamed exec_freq_t to ir_exec_freqMichael Beck2006-09-28
* BugFix:Michael Beck2006-09-09
* make belady look for uses beyond block bordersMatthias Braun2006-09-08
* - Refactored finish/after_ra phases a bit, stacknode fixup and stack biasMatthias Braun2006-08-31
* Adapted to new livenessSebastian Hack2006-07-31
* - Don't use a callback for deciding whether to spill phi nodesMatthias Braun2006-06-07
* Initial commit of morgans spilling algorithm (spill unused values that live t...Matthias Braun2006-05-24
* added quick 'n dirty hackChristian Würdig2006-04-27
* removed MIN marcChristian Würdig2006-04-11
* wrapped debugging modules with DEBUG_ONLYChristian Würdig2006-03-30
* fixed debuggingChristian Würdig2006-03-30
* used new FIRM_DBG_REGISTER macroMichael Beck2006-03-28
* Fixed a bug?Sebastian Hack2006-03-24
* fixed indentsChristian Würdig2006-03-24
* replaced malloc by xmallocMichael Beck2006-03-22
* half a ton of bugfixes.Daniel Grund2005-10-05
* adapted belady to new spill.hDaniel Grund2005-09-30
* a new better version.Daniel Grund2005-09-29
* Added uses moduleSebastian Hack2005-09-20