path: root/ir/be/bestat.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* update copyright messageMichael Beck2008-01-02
* improve register pressure statisticsMatthias Braun2007-08-31
* Changed API of livenessSebastian Hack2007-08-17
* - fix stack bias wrongly calculated with non-scheduled projs in ia32 modeMatthias Braun2007-06-22
* Adapted to stat eventsSebastian Hack2007-06-21
* fixed a bunch of warnings (and some bugs)Matthias Braun2007-06-17
* fix error when compiling without FIRM_STATISTICSMatthias Braun2007-05-05
* removed useless includesMichael Beck2007-05-02
* unified mein file commentsChristian Würdig2007-04-30
* added new licence headerChristian Würdig2007-04-27
* - Split bearch.h correctly into bearch.h and bearch_t.hMatthias Braun2007-04-18
* rewritten be_ssa_constr which isn't using sets anymore, started working on a ...Matthias Braun2007-03-26
* added commentsChristian Würdig2007-03-13
* renamed type opcode to ir_opcodeMichael Beck2007-01-16
* - Several warning fixesMatthias Braun2006-12-11
* output estimated cost statistics to statfileMatthias Braun2006-10-26
* also output total backend time to statfileMatthias Braun2006-10-24
* make statfile available to the whole backend, output timing results to statfileMatthias Braun2006-10-24
* irn classify is now a maskChristian Würdig2006-08-11
* Adapted to new livenessSebastian Hack2006-07-31
* fixed regpressure statisticChristian Würdig2006-07-19
* Initial commit of morgans spilling algorithm (spill unused values that live t...Matthias Braun2006-05-24
* added new node statisticsChristian Würdig2006-05-19
* perform statitics only if firmstats are activeChristian Würdig2006-04-27
* recaluclate liveness just to be on the save sideChristian Würdig2006-04-27
* moved statitics to bestatChristian Würdig2006-04-19
* removed MIN/MAX macros (in irtools.h now)Christian Würdig2006-04-18
* removed ident stuffChristian Würdig2006-04-11
* directly call stat_be_block_regpressure() and stat_be_block_sched_ready()Michael Beck2006-04-11
* bestat is only compiled if FIRMSTAT is definedMichael Beck2006-04-10
* fixed be_sched_ready statisticsChristian Würdig2006-04-10
* added scheduling statistics for number of ready nodesChristian Würdig2006-04-08
* Fixed a nasty bug: wrong compare function was usedMichael Beck2006-04-08
* removed printfChristian Würdig2006-04-07
* added reg pressure statiticsChristian Würdig2006-04-07