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* backend: cleanup queries for ignore regsMatthias Braun2010-10-08
* fix trailing whitespaces and tabulators in the middle of a lineMatthias Braun2010-10-06
* identifiers starting with _ are reserved; remove this bad practiceMatthias Braun2010-08-12
* Adapt to coding conventions.Sebastian Buchwald2010-08-09
* Panic in case of an invalid solution.Sebastian Buchwald2010-08-06
* Fixed warning.Sebastian Buchwald2010-08-06
* Now bipartite matching can be used for pre-coloring restricted cliques after ...Thomas Bersch2010-08-04
* Disable timer.Sebastian Buchwald2010-07-30
* Unify output format.Sebastian Buchwald2010-07-30
* Do not use late decisions as default.Sebastian Buchwald2010-07-21
* Adapt to r27653.Sebastian Buchwald2010-07-18
* convert a few more place that mention birg into generic ir_graph* stuffMatthias Braun2010-07-05
* convert remaining APIs from be_irg_t* to ir_graph*Matthias Braun2010-07-02
* - change various be_get_birg_XXX functions to be_get_irg_XXX functions.Matthias Braun2010-07-02
* print out times and reverse perfect elimination order no disabledThomas Bersch2010-05-12
* ignore last scheduled node on reordering after a perm if it is not colorableThomas Bersch2010-05-12
* First scheduled node after a perm will now only be reorderd if all proj's con...Thomas Bersch2010-05-07
* New option and functionality added to use the late decision solver for pbqp.Thomas Bersch2010-05-06
* Fixed some warnings related to FIRM_KAPS.Sebastian Buchwald2010-03-15
* Put a space after if/for/switch/while.Christoph Mallon2010-02-13
* Put opening curly brace of functions on a separate line.Christoph Mallon2010-02-13
* Adapted to previous commit.Sebastian Buchwald2009-12-28
* adapt to timer changesMatthias Braun2009-12-21
* consider all interference edges for reverse perfect elimination oderThomas Bersch2009-12-16
* exec_freq support addedThomas Bersch2009-12-14
* Comments and file header added.Thomas Bersch2009-11-27
* only compile pbqpcoloring when FIRM_KAPS is enabledMatthias Braun2009-11-27
* Change bechordal_constraints.h to bechordal_common.hThomas Bersch2009-11-27
* Initial Version of pbqp coloring algorithmThomas Bersch2009-11-27