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* Rework target initialization and queryMatthias Braun2017-02-20
* Reorganize include directivesMatthias Braun2017-02-17
* merge assure_constraints() and be_add_missing_copies() into be_spill_prepare_...Matthias Braun2014-10-18
* Add support for implementing cycles with copies and free register.Manuel Mohr2013-06-27
* remove license stuff from filesMatthias Braun2012-12-12
* cleanup: Remove unnecessary #include "beirg.h".Christoph Mallon2012-11-25
* remove $Id$, it doesn't work with git anywayMatthias Braun2011-11-10
* change register allocator and related interfaces to use ir_graph* instead of ...Matthias Braun2010-07-02
* update copyright messageMichael Beck2008-01-02
* unified mein file commentsChristian Würdig2007-04-30
* added new licence headerChristian Würdig2007-04-27
* - Implement all the state switching stuff needed for efficient fpu modeMatthias Braun2007-04-02
* removed chordal_env from be loweringChristian Würdig2007-01-13
* moved statitics to bestatChristian Würdig2006-04-19
* added statistics for perm loweringChristian Würdig2006-04-02
* fixed phase to assure register constraintsChristian Würdig2006-03-12
* insert Keeps to assure should_be_different constraintChristian Würdig2006-03-11
* removed unnecessary phases and functions which are now handled directly by th...Christian Würdig2006-02-28
* fixed perm loweringChristian Würdig2006-01-25
* splittet be lowering into two phases (before and after regalloc)Christian Würdig2006-01-25
* added call-projnum-magicChristian Würdig2006-01-19
* module for lowering perm nodes and spill/reload optimizationChristian Würdig2005-12-16