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* - Bigger refactoring and cleanup in backend:Matthias Braun2009-09-17
* rename benode_t.h to benode.h, remove some unused codeMatthias Braun2009-09-17
* Add OALLOC*() to make allocating from obstacks a bit nicer.Christoph Mallon2009-09-02
* Do not allocate backend info for Projs. Their tuple hold all info and asking ...Christoph Mallon2009-08-14
* - rework backend node dumping; add a dumper for Phi nodesMatthias Braun2009-08-13
* reorganize backend headers (kill some _t variants in favor of a be_types.h)Matthias Braun2009-08-05
* improve sched_info datastructure, saving space and making it more efficientMatthias Braun2009-05-16
* - C99 features removedMichael Beck2008-10-24
* forgot 2 filesMatthias Braun2008-10-23