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* Reorganize include directivesMatthias Braun2017-02-17
* Fix typos: datastructure -> data structure.Sebastian Buchwald2015-12-21
* remove unused ir/ana/scc algorithmMatthias Braun2014-12-31
* cleanup: Remove unnecessary #include.Christoph Mallon2014-12-29
* remove a bunch of is_XXX firm_kind convenience functionsMatthias Braun2014-09-30
* rename error.h to panic.hMatthias Braun2014-05-28
* do not include config.h anymoreMatthias Braun2013-05-04
* coding style cleanup, use C99Matthias Braun2013-03-20
* cleanup: Remove unnecessary #include <string.h>.Christoph Mallon2013-01-05
* remove license stuff from filesMatthias Braun2012-12-12
* remove nearly unused loop_flagsMatthias Braun2012-12-04
* remove unnecessary comments before functionsMatthias Braun2011-12-14
* remove $Id$, it doesn't work with git anywayMatthias Braun2011-11-10
* irloop: remove get_loop_son, get_loop_nodeMatthias Braun2011-11-09
* Further spread size_t.Michael Beck2011-02-09
* further spread size_tMatthias Braun2011-02-08
* Fixed more size_t related warnings.Michael Beck2011-01-28
* - fix most of the -Wunreachable-code and -Wlogical-op warningsMatthias Braun2010-03-10
* Add OALLOC*() to make allocating from obstacks a bit nicer.Christoph Mallon2009-09-02
* improv execfreq estimation if a loop outedge leaves multiple loopsMatthias Braun2009-09-01
* - constifyMichael Beck2009-04-06
* Unconditionally include string.hChristoph Mallon2008-11-28
* Unconditionally include stdlib.h.Christoph Mallon2008-11-28
* Always include config.h.Sebastian Buchwald2008-10-13
* - detected const methods with possible endless loops cannot float and must ha...Michael Beck2008-09-23
* - add ir_graph to loop element, preventing the ugly castingMichael Beck2008-05-06
* - fixed some memory leaks by maturing the generated loops (putting flexible a...Michael Beck2008-01-14