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* Reorganize include directivesMatthias Braun2017-02-17
* dfs: Calculate the dfs without using an obstack.Christoph Mallon2014-12-31
* ana: Remove absgraph.Christoph Mallon2014-12-31
* cleanup, use C99Matthias Braun2014-09-30
* cleanup: remove pointless #endif commentsMatthias Braun2014-08-21
* remove license stuff from filesMatthias Braun2012-12-12
* documentation: Remove explicit filename after @file.Christoph Mallon2012-12-12
* Add the return type as parameter to the macros set_find() and set_insert().Christoph Mallon2012-07-13
* hashptr.h: use inline functions instead of #defineMatthias Braun2011-12-14
* remove $Id$, it doesn't work with git anywayMatthias Braun2011-11-10
* fix a bunch of whitespace errors in headerfilesMatthias Braun2011-02-24
* make firm compilable with a c++ compilerMatthias Braun2010-11-04
* identifiers starting with _ are reserved; remove this bad practiceMatthias Braun2010-08-12
* Summary is not a doxygen tagSebastian Buchwald2009-08-24
* s/\<\(LC_\)\?INLINE\>/inline/.Christoph Mallon2008-10-14
* more firm_config includes removedMatthias Braun2008-10-11
* update copyright messageMichael Beck2008-01-02
* Dropped some constsSebastian Hack2007-08-17
* Made a nicer dumperSebastian Hack2007-07-12
* updated headerMichael Beck2007-05-11
* Added generic Depth First Search facilitySebastian Hack2007-05-10