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* Fix invalid read in macro definitionSebastian Buchwald2016-07-12
* Rename pdeq_new.h => pdeq.hMatthias Braun2016-06-27
* move adt headersMatthias Braun2007-06-01
* for i in *.[ch]; do sed -e 's/Copyrigth/Copyright/g' -i modeconv.h; doneMatthias Braun2007-04-26
* license note added, cleaned up per-file doxygen comments and include guards, ...Matthias Braun2007-04-26
* add missing del_waitq()Michael Beck2006-06-06
* Add macros to use a pdeq as a stackMichael Beck2006-05-29
* Added macros to use a pdeq as a wait queueMichael Beck2006-05-18
* fixed doxygen docuMichael Beck2005-07-01
* commentsGötz Lindenmaier2005-06-15
* Removed useless misc.hMichael Beck2004-06-28
* corrected copyrightGötz Lindenmaier2003-08-20
* moved misc.h to adt, splitted into misc and xmalloc,Götz Lindenmaier2003-08-20
* Added copyright headersGötz Lindenmaier2003-08-19
* compiles now with -WallGötz Lindenmaier2002-07-03
* added Id tagBoris Boesler2001-11-28
* Initial revisionChristian Schäfer2000-05-16