Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Extend a + b == a + c → b == c to reference modesriscvSebastian Buchwald2019-08-09
* Set immediate kind for ia32_FldCWSebastian Buchwald2019-08-09
* riscv: add missing dump after lower_callsJohannes Bucher2019-06-25
* Place fewer Phis when constructing LCSSA form.better-lcssaAndreas Fried2019-06-19
* Only construct LCSSA Phis if control flow leaves a loop.Andreas Fried2019-06-19
* Add debugging output to LCSSA construction.Andreas Fried2019-06-19
* riscv: lower aggregate types at calls by replacing them with a pointer to the...Johannes Bucher2019-06-19
* riscv: add emit function for be_MemPerm nodesJohannes Bucher2019-06-19
* riscv: add a peephole optimization for consecutive shift operationsJohannes Bucher2019-06-19
* Add -g flag to cmake debug build flags.Andreas Fried2019-06-18
* lower_dw: implement a generic function for lowering Minus nodesJohannes Bucher2019-06-18
* riscv: support right shift for modes smaller than 32 bitJohannes Bucher2019-06-11
* riscv: rename register s0 -> fpJohannes Bucher2019-06-11
* riscv: fix function prologue + epilogueJohannes Bucher2019-06-11
* riscv: support frame pointer relative addressingJohannes Bucher2019-06-11
* riscv: support Alloc nodesJohannes Bucher2019-06-11
* Remove nonexistent @see.Andreas Fried2019-06-11
* Add more documentation for add_irg_properties and clear_irg_properties.Andreas Fried2019-06-11
* Reorder functions to keep irg_properties-related stuff together.Andreas Fried2019-06-11
* Set DEBUG_libfirm for CMake debug builds.Andreas Fried2019-05-24
* Prevent direct inclusion of the generated nodes.h.Christoph Mallon2019-05-17
* riscv: support extension from mode Hu (16 bit) to machine sizeJohannes Bucher2019-05-17
* riscv: do not emit IncSP nodes with offset 0Johannes Bucher2019-05-17
* riscv: fix calculation of hi lo immediate (remove undefined behavior)Johannes Bucher2019-05-17
* add a missing includeBasile-z2019-04-26
* Add include for size_tSebastian Buchwald2019-04-26
* Unify header includesSebastian Buchwald2019-04-26
* Added is_constructor property in mtp_additional_propertiesDaniel Biester2019-04-26
* Merge branch 'asm_goto'.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * news: Mention support for 'asm goto'.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * ir: Allow ASM nodes as control flow nodes.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Allow be_Asm nodes as control flow nodes.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Give label constraints the "register" class 'exec'.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Do not confuse the additional register pressure handling with exec out...Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Tell the backends how to handle the fallthrough exec output of be_Asm.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * be, ir: Give be_Asm and ASM a fallthrough exec output.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Handle operand modifier 'l' in all backends.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Add BE_ASM_OPERAND_LABEL and tell the backends how to emit it.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
* api: Pass ir_cons_flags to new_*_ASM(), so the pin state is set atomically.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
* api: Pass the asm text before the constraints and clobbers to new_*_ASM().Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
* Generate the new_*_ASM() functions.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
* ir: Correct documentation of ASM.Christoph Mallon2019-04-03
* Fix doxygen warningJohannes Bucher2019-04-03
* dump: Dump throwing nodes also in the control flow color (red).Christoph Mallon2019-04-01
* be: Dump the text template of be_Asm.Christoph Mallon2019-04-01
* be: A block needs no label, if it is only reachable by fallthrough from a reg...Christoph Mallon2019-03-31
* amd64: Also determine the frame offset for memory operands of be_Asm.Christoph Mallon2019-03-31
* amd64: Factor out code to determine the frame offset for an x86_addr_t.Christoph Mallon2019-03-31
* ia32: Also determine the frame offset for memory operands of be_Asm.Christoph Mallon2019-03-31
* ia32: Factor out code to determine the frame offset for an x86_addr_t.Christoph Mallon2019-03-31