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* Merge branch 'asm_goto'.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * news: Mention support for 'asm goto'.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * ir: Allow ASM nodes as control flow nodes.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Allow be_Asm nodes as control flow nodes.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Give label constraints the "register" class 'exec'.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Do not confuse the additional register pressure handling with exec out...Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Tell the backends how to handle the fallthrough exec output of be_Asm.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * be, ir: Give be_Asm and ASM a fallthrough exec output.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Handle operand modifier 'l' in all backends.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
| * beasm: Add BE_ASM_OPERAND_LABEL and tell the backends how to emit it.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
* api: Pass ir_cons_flags to new_*_ASM(), so the pin state is set atomically.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
* api: Pass the asm text before the constraints and clobbers to new_*_ASM().Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
* Generate the new_*_ASM() functions.Christoph Mallon2019-04-05
* ir: Correct documentation of ASM.Christoph Mallon2019-04-03
* Fix doxygen warningJohannes Bucher2019-04-03
* dump: Dump throwing nodes also in the control flow color (red).Christoph Mallon2019-04-01
* be: Dump the text template of be_Asm.Christoph Mallon2019-04-01
* be: A block needs no label, if it is only reachable by fallthrough from a reg...Christoph Mallon2019-03-31
* amd64: Also determine the frame offset for memory operands of be_Asm.Christoph Mallon2019-03-31
* amd64: Factor out code to determine the frame offset for an x86_addr_t.Christoph Mallon2019-03-31
* ia32: Also determine the frame offset for memory operands of be_Asm.Christoph Mallon2019-03-31
* ia32: Factor out code to determine the frame offset for an x86_addr_t.Christoph Mallon2019-03-31
* ia32: Set {base,index,mem}_input directly in init_ia32_attributes().Christoph Mallon2019-03-31
* ia32: Remove the enum constant 'IA32_ATTR_ia32_asm_attr_t'.Christoph Mallon2019-03-31
* amd64, ia32: Support all address modes in inline asm.Christoph Mallon2019-03-25
* Zero out the result struct in x86_create_address_mode() instead of in each ca...Christoph Mallon2019-03-25
* Use MAX.Christoph Mallon2019-03-24
* be: Refine modelling of additional register pressure.Christoph Mallon2019-03-24
* Add assertion for value that would lead to undefined behaviorSebastian Buchwald2019-03-22
* be: Allow compiling on unknown/unsupported hosts.Christoph Mallon2019-03-19
* be: Also detect MIPS and RISC-V hosts.Christoph Mallon2019-03-19
* be: Add the typedef 'be_add_pressure_t' for additional register pressure.Christoph Mallon2019-03-19
* beasm: Ignore the fixed inputs/outputs when deciding which strategy to use to...Christoph Mallon2019-03-18
* loop unrolling: fix calculation of #iterationsJohannes Bucher2019-03-15
* Remove unnecessary relative path from #include.Christoph Mallon2019-03-13
* riscv: fix invalid assembler errors due to too large immediatesJohannes Bucher2019-03-12
* Revert "amd64: emitter: assert that register should_be_same constraints are n...Christoph Mallon2019-03-08
* bepbqpcoloring: Disable USE_BIPARTITE_MATCHING again.Christoph Mallon2019-03-08
* beasm: Factor out common code to add an immediate operand.Christoph Mallon2019-03-06
* Remove duplicate calls to be_set_asm_operand().Christoph Mallon2019-03-06
* beasm: Support modifier 'c' (plain immediate) in all remaining backends.Christoph Mallon2019-03-06
* Fix typo in comment.Christoph Mallon2019-03-06
* fix mips and riscv function alignmentJohannes Bucher2019-03-06
* beasm: Add helper function to check for occurrence of modifiers.Christoph Mallon2019-03-04
* be: Mark be_Asm as memory user.Christoph Mallon2019-03-04
* be: Remove the parameter 'opar' from new_be_op().Christoph Mallon2019-03-04
* beasm: Do not calculate additional pressure for register classes with manual ...Christoph Mallon2019-03-04
* be: Factor out code to emit an unconditional jump in each backend.Christoph Mallon2019-03-04
* beasm: More consistent use of input/output counts in be_make_asm().Christoph Mallon2019-03-04
* loop unrolling: fix couning loop analysis and full unrollingimprove-loop-unrollingJohannes Bucher2019-02-26