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authorMatthias Braun <>2014-12-30 07:23:23 +0100
committerMatthias Braun <>2014-12-30 11:09:08 +0100
commita57b8f66bf58476b73b8ea5d8701dc82ff21f7d6 (patch)
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parent2cc90595277b17bd9f0d8a0b0e869786e08f062d (diff)
fltcalc: take the "smaller NaN" for binops with 2 NaN inputs
ieee754 specifies that we have to take the payload of one of the input NaN. We choose the "smaller" one so commutativity of mal/add is preserved. This is still somewhat problematic as we really should do what our actual compilation target host would do, but have no information about that...
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diff --git a/ir/tv/fltcalc.c b/ir/tv/fltcalc.c
index 5f4b37d..855c615 100644
--- a/ir/tv/fltcalc.c
+++ b/ir/tv/fltcalc.c
@@ -256,6 +256,11 @@ static bool normalize(const fp_value *in_val, fp_value *out_val, bool sticky)
return exact;
+static bool smaller_nan(const fp_value *a, const fp_value *b)
+ return sc_comp(_mant(a), _mant(b)) == ir_relation_less;
* Operations involving NaN's must return NaN.
* They are NOT exact.
@@ -263,12 +268,18 @@ static bool normalize(const fp_value *in_val, fp_value *out_val, bool sticky)
static bool handle_NAN(const fp_value *a, const fp_value *b, fp_value *result)
if (a->clss == FC_NAN) {
+ /* for two NaN inputs take the smaller one to not break commutativity
+ * of some operations.
+ * TODO: Find out and do exactly what the current target host does. */
+ if (b->clss == FC_NAN && smaller_nan(b, a))
+ goto return_nan_b;
if (a != result)
memcpy(result, a, calc_buffer_size);
fc_exact = false;
return true;
if (b->clss == FC_NAN) {
if (b != result) memcpy(result, b, calc_buffer_size);
fc_exact = false;
return true;