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authorChristoph Mallon <>2016-06-27 16:48:22 +0200
committerChristoph Mallon <>2016-06-28 06:35:36 +0200
commit80e736317a4518b6ca6ed606bcf9d829946d9db2 (patch)
treeebf2925933dcce60acc9dc6adf0421e673a714dd /ir/ir
parent6da802e4298dd31571fcbf102ca9eef5f5054493 (diff)
Revert "Correctly use the element type, not the array type, for Load/Store.".
The array type is fine, because it is the containing type, which is used for TBAA. This partially reverts commit 1786345c84ff2aa45c59df4d7491ecef6bac75fc.
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/ir/ir/irprofile.c b/ir/ir/irprofile.c
index 9d4929e..61ab321 100644
--- a/ir/ir/irprofile.c
+++ b/ir/ir/irprofile.c
@@ -221,12 +221,12 @@ static void instrument_block(ir_node *const bb, ir_node *const address, unsigned
ir_mode *const mode_off = get_reference_offset_mode(get_irn_mode(address));
ir_node *const cnst = new_r_Const_long(irg, mode_off, get_mode_size_bytes(mode_ctr) * id);
ir_node *const offset = new_r_Add(bb, address, cnst);
- ir_node *const load = new_r_Load(bb, unknown, offset, mode_ctr, type_ctr, cons_none);
+ ir_node *const load = new_r_Load(bb, unknown, offset, mode_ctr, type_arr, cons_none);
ir_node *const lmem = new_r_Proj(load, mode_M, pn_Load_M);
ir_node *const proji = new_r_Proj(load, mode_ctr, pn_Load_res);
ir_node *const one = new_r_Const_one(irg, mode_ctr);
ir_node *const add = new_r_Add(bb, proji, one);
- ir_node *const store = new_r_Store(bb, lmem, offset, add, type_ctr, cons_none);
+ ir_node *const store = new_r_Store(bb, lmem, offset, add, type_arr, cons_none);
ir_node *const smem = new_r_Proj(store, mode_M, pn_Store_M);
set_irn_link(bb, smem);