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authorSebastian Hack <>2007-05-10 17:43:44 +0200
committerSebastian Hack <>2007-05-10 17:43:44 +0200
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* Added a new file: beintlive_t.h which subsumes all interferene/liveness checks
- it uses the new liveness checking algos in ana/irlivechk.h - value_dominates, etc. was erased from bera.h because it does not belong there * bechordal.c features an experimental coloring (by defualt disabled by macro) which can color the routine in a single pass without building the "borders". A long term goal is to disable borders completely but they are used in other places, too. * The 1st parameter of values_interfere is now a birg and not a be_lv_t. There is now a special routine lv_values_interfere() for those who want to use the computed liveness explicitly. changing the parameter makes it more easy to switch to other liveness implementations. All other files were modified to respect the changes [r13762]
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diff --git a/ir/be/bera.h b/ir/be/bera.h
index f78e3e6..fcab788 100644
--- a/ir/be/bera.h
+++ b/ir/be/bera.h
@@ -61,29 +61,6 @@ void be_register_allocator(const char *name, be_ra_t *allocator);
void be_allocate_registers(be_irg_t *birg);
- * Check, if two values interfere.
- * @param lv Liveness information.
- * @param a The first value.
- * @param b The second value.
- * @return 1, if @p a and @p b interfere, 0 if not.
- */
-int values_interfere(const be_lv_t *lv, const ir_node *a, const ir_node *b);
- * Check, if a value dominates the other one.
- * Note, that this function also considers the schedule and does thus
- * more than block_dominates().
- *
- * @param a The first.
- * @param b The second value.
- * @return 1 if a dominates b, 0 else.
- */
-int value_dominates(const ir_node *a, const ir_node *b);
- * Like value_dominates(), but the nodes have to be in the same block
- */
-int value_dominates_intrablock(const ir_node *a, const ir_node *b);
+int (values_interfere)(const be_irg_t *birg, const ir_node *a, const ir_node *b);
#endif /* FIRM_BE_BERA_H */