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authorMatthias Braun <>2007-05-22 16:39:38 +0200
committerMatthias Braun <>2007-05-22 16:39:38 +0200
commitdd277bbb2a94fbf96cb4c5b5df92470242dc697b (patch)
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liveness variants with ir_nodeset_t
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diff --git a/ir/be/belive.h b/ir/be/belive.h
index f3e1e2d..1a3b4ac 100644
--- a/ir/be/belive.h
+++ b/ir/be/belive.h
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@
#include "irlivechk.h"
#include "bearch.h"
+#include "irnodeset.h"
typedef enum {
be_lv_state_in = 1,
@@ -153,6 +154,8 @@ int be_check_dominance(ir_graph *irg);
pset *be_liveness_transfer(const arch_env_t *arch_env, const arch_register_class_t *cls, ir_node *irn, pset *live);
+void be_liveness_transfer_ir_nodeset(const arch_env_t *arch_env, const arch_register_class_t *cls, ir_node *node, ir_nodeset_t *nodeset);
* Put all node live at the end of a block into a set.
* @param arch_env The architecture environment.
@@ -163,6 +166,8 @@ pset *be_liveness_transfer(const arch_env_t *arch_env, const arch_register_class
pset *be_liveness_end_of_block(const be_lv_t *lv, const arch_env_t *arch_env, const arch_register_class_t *cls, const ir_node *bl, pset *live);
+void be_liveness_end_of_block_ir_nodeset(const be_lv_t *lv, const arch_env_t *arch_env, const arch_register_class_t *cls, const ir_node *bl, ir_nodeset_t *nodeset);
* Compute a set of nodes which are live at another node.
* BEWARE: This is the liveness immediately after the node,