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authorMatthias Braun <>2014-07-16 16:47:10 +0200
committerMatthias Braun <>2014-07-18 10:04:11 +0200
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remove lv argument from be_values_interfere
We query liveness from the irg on demand now.
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diff --git a/ir/be/belive.h b/ir/be/belive.h
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--- a/ir/be/belive.h
+++ b/ir/be/belive.h
@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ void be_liveness_end_of_block(const be_lv_t *lv,
* @param b The second value.
* @return true, if a and b interfere, false if not.
-bool be_values_interfere(const be_lv_t *lv, const ir_node *a, const ir_node *b);
+bool be_values_interfere(const ir_node *a, const ir_node *b);
* Compute a set of nodes which are live just before the given node.