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authorChristoph Mallon <>2012-11-25 15:13:20 +0100
committerChristoph Mallon <>2012-11-25 15:13:20 +0100
commit1413c4ff7c5ab24ee75242c2192d1c7a93a178b4 (patch)
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beinsn: Remove attribute irn from struct be_operand_t.
It is always the same as the irn of the corresponding insn.
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diff --git a/ir/be/beinsn_t.h b/ir/be/beinsn_t.h
index 43525ae..fec66ba 100644
--- a/ir/be/beinsn_t.h
+++ b/ir/be/beinsn_t.h
@@ -36,7 +36,6 @@ typedef struct be_operand_t be_operand_t;
typedef struct be_insn_t be_insn_t;
struct be_operand_t {
- ir_node *irn; /**< Firm node of the insn this operand belongs to */
ir_node *carrier; /**< node representing the operand value (Proj or the node itself for defs, the used value for uses) */
be_operand_t *partner; /**< used in bechordal later... (TODO what does it do?) */
const bitset_t *regs; /**< admissible register bitset */