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authorMatthias Braun <>2007-03-19 18:05:21 +0100
committerMatthias Braun <>2007-03-19 18:05:21 +0100
commit8535fe8732b0acf822be252812a7158ce5b8134a (patch)
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The big committ:
- Replace limit callback in register requirements with a simple bitset - Fix backends, generators and the rest of the code for the change register requirements structure - Eliminated the custom register_requirement structures in the backend, they are pointless now, use the normal arch_register_req_t - Fix TEMPLATE backend - Extract emitter framework from ia32 and provide generic header/code for it - Port TEMPLATE backend to new emitter - Extract gas specific emit stuff (declarations, sections) from ia32 backend and provide it as generic header/code. Make TEMPLATE backend use that - Remove several FIRM_DBG_REGISTERs from functions which are called very often. Before we had millions of string hashtable lookups because of that. The prefered way is to have 1 static debug module per file and initialize it in the module constructor. No passing around in environment structs and in no case should you dynamically register it in single functions.
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/ir/be/becopyopt_t.h b/ir/be/becopyopt_t.h
index 5c12ab8..48c795f 100644
--- a/ir/be/becopyopt_t.h
+++ b/ir/be/becopyopt_t.h
@@ -52,9 +52,10 @@ struct _copy_opt_t {
#define is_Perm(arch_env, irn) (arch_irn_classify(arch_env, irn) == arch_irn_class_perm)
#define is_Perm_Proj(arch_env, irn) (is_Proj(irn) && is_Perm(arch_env, get_Proj_pred(irn)))
-#define is_2addr_code(arch_env, irn, req) (arch_get_register_req(arch_env, req, irn, -1)->type == arch_register_req_type_should_be_same)
+static INLINE int is_2addr_code(const arch_register_req_t *req)
+ return req->type == arch_register_req_type_should_be_same;
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