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authorChristoph Mallon <>2018-05-10 06:23:18 +0200
committerChristoph Mallon <>2018-05-11 07:15:44 +0200
commit9a825064696eebf733ccfc8d72f22c1aef3ec1ff (patch)
tree491ac35c915c549bb4925e9519f282eb307acc1a /ir/be/beasm.h
parentb3791a21b6ee22c0533cc513dec7f2edddf6be8c (diff)
ir: Overhaul representation of ASM constraints in the IR.
Now the constraints are a mapping from the template position to the input/output positions instead of the other way round. Also there is only one list of constraints instead of a separate one for input and output. This simplifies handling quite a bit, in particular the numbering. E.g. "=m" actually is an input (for the address) and this caused miscounting when the constraints were processed. Also processing of 64 bit operands also lead to miscounting. This fixes x86code/asm_test15.c and x86code/asm_test19.c
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1 files changed, 26 insertions, 9 deletions
diff --git a/ir/be/beasm.h b/ir/be/beasm.h
index 970f296..1714538 100644
--- a/ir/be/beasm.h
+++ b/ir/be/beasm.h
@@ -15,6 +15,8 @@
#include "array.h"
#include "be_types.h"
+#include "bearch.h"
+#include "betranshlp.h"
#include "firm_types.h"
#include "obstack.h"
@@ -50,14 +52,11 @@ typedef struct be_asm_constraint_t {
int same_as;
} be_asm_constraint_t;
-arch_register_req_t const *be_make_register_req(struct obstack *obst, be_asm_constraint_t const *c, int n_outs, arch_register_req_t const **out_reqs, int pos);
+arch_register_req_t const *be_make_register_req(struct obstack *obst, be_asm_constraint_t const *c);
typedef void parse_constraint_letter_func_t(void const *env, be_asm_constraint_t*, char l);
-void be_parse_asm_constraints_internal(be_asm_constraint_t *constraint, ident *constraint_text, bool is_output, parse_constraint_letter_func_t *parse_constraint_letter, void const *env);
-/* Determine number of operands. */
-unsigned be_count_asm_operands(ir_node const *node);
+void be_parse_asm_constraints_internal(be_asm_constraint_t *constraint, ident *constraint_text, parse_constraint_letter_func_t *parse_constraint_letter, void const *env);
typedef struct be_asm_info_t {
ir_node **ins;
@@ -65,7 +64,7 @@ typedef struct be_asm_info_t {
arch_register_req_t const **out_reqs;
} be_asm_info_t;
-be_asm_info_t be_asm_prepare_info(void);
+be_asm_info_t be_asm_prepare_info(ir_node const *node);
static inline void be_asm_add_in(be_asm_info_t *const info, be_asm_operand_t *const op, be_asm_operand_kind_t const kind, ir_node *const in, arch_register_req_t const *const req)
@@ -75,11 +74,29 @@ static inline void be_asm_add_in(be_asm_info_t *const info, be_asm_operand_t *co
ARR_APP1(arch_register_req_t const*, info->in_reqs, req);
-static inline void be_asm_add_out(be_asm_info_t *const info, be_asm_operand_t *const op, struct obstack *const obst, be_asm_constraint_t const *const be_constraint, size_t const n_out_constraints, int const opos)
+static inline arch_register_req_t const *be_asm_make_same_req(struct obstack *const obst, arch_register_req_t const *const req, unsigned const pos)
+ arch_register_req_t *const oreq = OALLOCZ(obst, arch_register_req_t);
+ *oreq = *req;
+ oreq->should_be_same = 1U << pos;
+ return oreq;
+static inline void be_asm_add_inout(be_asm_info_t *const info, be_asm_operand_t *const op, struct obstack *const obst, ir_node *const in, arch_register_req_t const *const ireq, int const opos)
+ ir_node *const new_in = be_transform_node(in);
+ be_asm_add_in(info, op, BE_ASM_OPERAND_INPUT_VALUE, new_in, ireq);
+ if (opos >= 0) {
+ arch_register_req_t const *const oreq = be_asm_make_same_req(obst, ireq, ARR_LEN(info->in_reqs) - 1);
+ info->out_reqs[opos] = oreq;
+ }
+static inline void be_asm_add_out(be_asm_info_t *const info, be_asm_operand_t *const op, struct obstack *const obst, be_asm_constraint_t const *const be_constraint, int const opos)
be_set_asm_operand(op, BE_ASM_OPERAND_OUTPUT_VALUE, opos);
- arch_register_req_t const *const oreq = be_make_register_req(obst, be_constraint, n_out_constraints, info->out_reqs, opos);
- ARR_APP1(arch_register_req_t const*, info->out_reqs, oreq);
+ arch_register_req_t const *const oreq = be_make_register_req(obst, be_constraint);
+ info->out_reqs[opos] = oreq;
ir_node *be_make_asm(ir_node const *node, be_asm_info_t const *info, void *operands);