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authorChristoph Mallon <>2017-01-02 12:48:31 +0100
committerChristoph Mallon <>2017-01-02 17:17:45 +0100
commit0ef4ba0904d9c98f06983ed3ce19f31e9c33ff2f (patch)
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be: Factor out code to check, whether the kind of an asm constraint is valid of the given modifier.
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diff --git a/ir/be/beasm.h b/ir/be/beasm.h
index 52d7a19..2bb07da 100644
--- a/ir/be/beasm.h
+++ b/ir/be/beasm.h
@@ -51,6 +51,6 @@ typedef void be_emit_asm_operand_func(ir_node const *asmn, char modifier, unsign
void be_emit_asm(ir_node const *asmn, be_emit_asm_operand_func *emit_asm_operand);
-char const *be_get_constraint_name(be_asm_operand_kind_t kind);
+bool be_is_valid_asm_operand_kind(ir_node const *node, char modifier, unsigned pos, be_asm_operand_kind_t have, char const *mod_any, char const *mod_imm, char const *mod_mem);