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Doxyfile: Remove options to avoid warnings from doxygens without clang support
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-# If the CLANG_ASSISTED_PARSING tag is set to YES then doxygen will use the
-# clang parser (see: for more accurate parsing at the
-# cost of reduced performance. This can be particularly helpful with template
-# rich C++ code for which doxygen's built-in parser lacks the necessary type
-# information.
-# Note: The availability of this option depends on whether or not doxygen was
-# generated with the -Duse-libclang=ON option for CMake.
-# The default value is: NO.
-# If clang assisted parsing is enabled you can provide the compiler with command
-# line options that you would normally use when invoking the compiler. Note that
-# the include paths will already be set by doxygen for the files and directories
-# specified with INPUT and INCLUDE_PATH.
-# This tag requires that the tag CLANG_ASSISTED_PARSING is set to YES.
# Configuration options related to the alphabetical class index