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Fixed Win32 DLL support.
libFirm can now be build as static and as dynamic library. Two defines control it: FIRM_BUILD must be set when libFirm is build. FIRM_DLL must be set if libFirm is build as a dynamic library. The old FIRM_DLL macro is now renamed to FIRM_API. Additionally - FIRM_API is added to the ADT headers, this is at least needed for edgfe. - some more missing FIRM_API's added ... - add a resource file to show libFirm's version under windows [r27575]
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@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ AC_SUBST(libfirm_conf_env)
dnl enable visibility hidden
-AC_DEFINE([FIRM_BUILD_DLL], [], [Define when firm library is built])
+AC_DEFINE([FIRM_BUILD], [], [Defined when firm library is built])
dnl Package options
dnl ===============