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Remove autoconf/automake build
The next release will feature a cmake build.
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-dnl file for libfirm, author Matthias Braun <>
-dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
-dnl Firm Versions
-dnl * Increment major/minor/micro version as you see fit. These 3 numbers
-dnl are intended for humans and are independent from the libtool versions
-m4_define([firm_major_version], [1])
-m4_define([firm_minor_version], [21])
-m4_define([firm_micro_version], [0])
- [firm_major_version.firm_minor_version.firm_micro_version])
-dnl Libtool versions
-dnl * If any code has changed at all (i.e. bugfixes) increment revision
-dnl * If any interface has been added, removed or changed increment
-dnl current, set revision to 0
-dnl * If any interface has been added increment age
-dnl * If any interfaces have been remove set age to 0
-dnl * use lt_release if substantial things have been changed. The release can be
-dnl thought of as part of the library name. So changing the release creates
-dnl a new library.
-m4_define([lt_current], [1])
-m4_define([lt_revision], [0])
-m4_define([lt_age], [0])
-dnl we use firm major version as release
-m4_define([lt_release], [firm_major_version])
-AC_INIT([libfirm], [firm_version], [])
-AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([foreign dist-bzip2 silent-rules 1.11])
-AC_DEFINE([libfirm_VERSION_MAJOR], [firm_major_version], [Firms major version number])
-AC_DEFINE([libfirm_VERSION_MINOR], [firm_minor_version], [Firms minor version number])
-AC_DEFINE([libfirm_VERSION_MICRO], [firm_micro_version], [Firms micro version number])
-dnl enable libtool
-dnl generate the config header file
-CPPFLAGS=$CPPFLAGS" -include config.h"
-AC_DEFINE([FIRM_BUILD], [], [Defined when firm library is built])
-AC_DEFINE([FIRM_DLL], [], [Define when a dynamically loadable shared library is built])
-dnl Package options
-dnl ===============
-dnl check for additional include dirs
-AC_ARG_WITH(includedir, [ --with-includedir=add colon seperated list of directories to include search path],
- CPPFLAGS=$CPPFLAGS" -I"`echo $withval|sed 's;\:; -I;g'`)
-dnl check for additional library dirs
-AC_ARG_WITH(libdir, [ --with-libdir=add colon seperated list of directories to linker search path],
- LDFLAGS=$LDFLAGS" -L"`echo $withval|sed 's;\:; -L;g'`)
-dnl set debugging
-dnl -------------
-[AS_HELP_STRING([--disable-debug], [disable verifiers and additional debugging routines])],
-[enable_debug_libfirm="$enableval"], [enable_debug_libfirm="yes"])
-if test "$enable_debug_libfirm" = yes; then
- AC_DEFINE([DEBUG_libfirm], [], [define to enable debug mode and checks])
-[AS_HELP_STRING([--disable-assert], [disable assertions])],
-[enable_assert="$enableval"], [enable_assert="yes"])
-if test "$enable_assert" = no; then
- AC_DEFINE([NDEBUG], [], [define to disable asserts])
-dnl Checks for programs.
-dnl ====================
-dnl check for a C compiler
-dnl ----------------------
-dnl enable visibility hidden (if supported)
-AC_PATH_PROGS(PERL, perl perl5)
-dnl check for awk
-dnl -------------
-dnl Checks for header files.
-dnl ========================
-AC_CHECK_HEADERS([math.h], , AC_MSG_ERROR("math header file not found"))
-dnl Checks for libraries.
-dnl =====================
-AC_CHECK_LIB(m, main, ac_m_library="yes", ac_m_library="no")
-if test "$ac_m_library" != yes; then
- dnl std math library not found.
- AC_MSG_ERROR("standard math library not found")
-dnl Checks for typedefs, structures, and compiler characteristics.
-dnl ==============================================================
-dnl Error messaging
-dnl ===============
-dnl Output results
- Makefile
- ir/Makefile
- include/libfirm/Makefile
- libfirm.pc