BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
am-cmprefactored ins_permuted as param for use_address_matchingPhilipp Serrer11 months
blockschedUse indirect block addresses to ease computation of merge gains.Christoph Breisacher2 days
boolopt-improvementAdd limit parameter to booloptJohannes Bucher3 months
cpu2017Fixed conversion of signed 16 bit to floats in amd64 backendSebastian Graf6 months
firm2vhdlFix clock generation.Andreas Fried7 months
masteradd missing source files to CMakeLists sourcesJohannes Bucher2 weeks
rotateRotate left/right support for amd64 backend and fix for ia32 backendPhilipp Serrer10 months
set_b_valueMerge branch 'master' into set_b_valueAndreas Fried4 weeks
sgraf/and-brokenbreaks opt/complement.cSebastian Graf9 months
sparc-double-registers-rebasedcleanup some old code which was commented outJohannes Bucher8 months
libfirm-1.22.0commit 2259fe4777...Christoph Mallon3 years
libfirm-1.21.0commit 7a4389d62c...Matthias Braun6 years
libfirm-1.20.0commit 3c41f51d52...Matthias Braun7 years
libfirm-1.19.1commit 963b56c3f9...Matthias Braun8 years
libfirm-1.19.0commit c0da9e550b...Matthias Braun8 years
libfirm-1.18.1commit d0d5cc041a...Matthias Braun9 years
libfirm-1.18.0commit 04321ea9f9...Matthias Braun9 years
libfirm-1.17.0commit 32869d6a94...Matthias Braun10 years
libfirm-1.16.0commit bbcec65489...Matthias Braun10 years
libfirm-1.15.0commit 3f5b045a3b...Christoph Mallon10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-01-31add missing source files to CMakeLists sourcesHEADmasterJohannes Bucher
2019-01-31only optimize confirm nodes in case of no overflowElias Aebi
2019-01-31Proof-of-concept local optimizationSebastian Buchwald
2019-01-24add copyright headersElias Aebi
2019-01-24clean upElias Aebi
2019-01-24make the factor and the max size configurableElias Aebi
2019-01-24test some more aggressive settingsElias Aebi
2019-01-24debug print the number of loops unrolledElias Aebi
2019-01-24implement a simple heuristic to determine the unroll factorElias Aebi
2019-01-24use unsigned integers for the unroll factorElias Aebi