BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
autotransformLog count-total on level 1.Andreas Fried6 weeks
closuresimplemented new nodes and lowering for closuresDaniel Krueger12 months
constbits.fixWIPChristoph Mallon18 months
cpu2017Fixed a va_arg lowering bug by first collecting all builtin nodes, then lower...Sebastian Graf9 min.
gitlab-ci-testingBuilt an image on Docker hubAndreas Zwinkau10 months
jfirm-compatRe-add function to query float_int_overflow_style for jFirm compatibility.Andreas Fried11 months
keep-alive-blocksAdd keep-alive edge for potentially endless loopsAndreas Zwinkau9 months
ltoSupport loading (and linking) multiple IR files.Manuel Mohr6 weeks
masterFix typos in commentsChristoph Erhardt5 weeks
targetStart working on new target APIMatthias Braun11 months
libfirm-1.22.0commit 2259fe4777...Christoph Mallon2 years
libfirm-1.21.0commit 7a4389d62c...Matthias Braun5 years
libfirm-1.20.0commit 3c41f51d52...Matthias Braun6 years
libfirm-1.19.1commit 963b56c3f9...Matthias Braun7 years
libfirm-1.19.0commit c0da9e550b...Matthias Braun7 years
libfirm-1.18.1commit d0d5cc041a...Matthias Braun8 years
libfirm-1.18.0commit 04321ea9f9...Matthias Braun8 years
libfirm-1.17.0commit 32869d6a94...Matthias Braun9 years
libfirm-1.16.0commit bbcec65489...Matthias Braun9 years
libfirm-1.15.0commit 3f5b045a3b...Christoph Mallon9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-12-15Fix typos in commentsHEADmasterChristoph Erhardt
2017-12-13Recompute out edges after normalization to single Return nodePhilipp Serrer
2017-12-13Fix float values in small structs passed by valuePhilipp Serrer
2017-12-13Fix empty structs as return type and paramPhilipp Serrer
2017-12-13Fix small structs as function return by valuePhilipp Serrer
2017-12-13Treat classes as structs in the amd64 ABI.Andreas Fried
2017-12-13Implement variadic struct arguments in amd64.Andreas Fried
2017-12-13Implement amd64 calling convention in the new lowering API.Andreas Fried
2017-12-13Implement a new, callback-based, lowering for calls with compounds.Andreas Fried
2017-12-13amd64: Prepare for passing structs on the stack.Andreas Fried