BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
am-cmprefactored ins_permuted as param for use_address_matchingPhilipp Serrer10 months
blockschedAdd random basic block schedulerChristoph Breisacher3 days
boolopt-improvementAdd limit parameter to booloptJohannes Bucher8 weeks
cpu2017Fixed conversion of signed 16 bit to floats in amd64 backendSebastian Graf5 months
firm2vhdlFix clock generation.Andreas Fried6 months
masterMove irn_copy_into_irg and exact_copy into the public interface.Andreas Fried5 days
rotateRotate left/right support for amd64 backend and fix for ia32 backendPhilipp Serrer9 months
set_b_valueMerge branch 'master' into set_b_valueAndreas Fried11 days
sgraf/and-brokenbreaks opt/complement.cSebastian Graf8 months
sparc-double-registers-rebasedcleanup some old code which was commented outJohannes Bucher7 months
libfirm-1.22.0commit 2259fe4777...Christoph Mallon3 years
libfirm-1.21.0commit 7a4389d62c...Matthias Braun6 years
libfirm-1.20.0commit 3c41f51d52...Matthias Braun7 years
libfirm-1.19.1commit 963b56c3f9...Matthias Braun8 years
libfirm-1.19.0commit c0da9e550b...Matthias Braun8 years
libfirm-1.18.1commit d0d5cc041a...Matthias Braun9 years
libfirm-1.18.0commit 04321ea9f9...Matthias Braun9 years
libfirm-1.17.0commit 32869d6a94...Matthias Braun10 years
libfirm-1.16.0commit bbcec65489...Matthias Braun10 years
libfirm-1.15.0commit 3f5b045a3b...Christoph Mallon10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysMove irn_copy_into_irg and exact_copy into the public interface.HEADmasterAndreas Fried
5 daysFix topological walker.Andreas Fried
5 daysirdom: Make `get_Block_*dom_depth` publicSebastian Graf
10 daysamd64 backend: add missing should_be_same constraints in builtin_ffsJohannes Bucher
10 daysamd64: emitter: assert that register should_be_same constraints are not violatedJohannes Bucher
11 daysUpdate docs for part_block.Andreas Fried
11 daysFix dumper with flags ir_dump_flag_iredges and ir_dump_flag_all_anchors.Andreas Fried
14 daysSilence compiler warnings.Andreas Fried
2018-11-28Revise documentation in typerep.h.Andreas Fried
2018-11-28Dump graphs when dumpfilter is a substring (not prefix) of the graph name.Andreas Fried