BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ast_grepImplement AST-grep for type property expressions.Christoph Mallon11 years
boolopt-optionadd CLI option for setting boolopt limitJohannes Bucher4 years
cpu2017Fixed empty typenames as parameters to builtins where no defaulting is allowedSebastian Graf4 years
excupdated submodulesPhilipp Serrer5 years
firm2vhdlAdded libsi directory for SI initialization code.Daniel Biester2 years
gcc_versionClaim to be older GCC version 4.2.0.Manuel Mohr6 years
https-fixUpdate libfirm submodule URL: s/http/https/Florian Schmaus4 years
icoreLink as C++ code.Manuel Mohr7 years
lowfat_sanitizerUse cparser for compiling runtime libraryAchim Kriso3 years
ltoUpdate submodule.Manuel Mohr5 years
masterUpdate scripts to python3.Andreas Fried15 months
multi-filefix type init/deinitJohannes Bucher3 years
optionsdelay printing of include pathsuntil preprocessor is set upMatthias Braun9 years
pagecacheAdd pagecache optimizationLeon Bentrup2 years
signbitAdded an implementation for the signbit builtinsSebastian Graf5 years
volatile_CopyBProvide all CopyB constructors with a volatility flag.Andreas Fried9 years