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* CMakeLists: Use same COMPILER_INCLUDE_DIR default as Makefile buildMatthias Braun2016-01-07
* Install manpageMatthias Braun2016-01-07
* Prepare for 1.22.1 releaseMatthias Braun2016-01-06
* CMakeLists: Add HOST_TRIPLE config to be in line with MakefileMatthias Braun2016-01-06
* Adapt CMakeLists.txt to entitymap removalMatthias Braun2015-12-14
* CMakeLists.txt: Small improvementsMatthias Braun2015-12-06
* Update CMakeLists.txtMatthias Braun2015-12-06
* Add CMakeLists.txt for releaseMatthias Braun2015-12-06