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+set -eu
+if ! test -e .git; then
+ echo "Must be started from toplevel cparser dir"
+ exit 1
+# Check that our git checkout is clean (remember that we use git archive
+# which will miss things uncommitted changes)
+if [ "$(git status --porcelain)" != "" ]; then
+ echo "Git checkout not clean!"
+ exit 1
+# test if versions match
+echo "Checking version in $VERSIONFILE"
+egrep -q "#define CPARSER_MAJOR\\s*\"$VERSION_MAJOR\"" "$VERSIONFILE"
+egrep -q "#define CPARSER_MINOR\\s*\"$VERSION_MINOR\"" "$VERSIONFILE"
+echo "Checking version in CMakeLists.txt"
+grep -q "set(cparser_VERSION \"${VERSION_MAJOR}.${VERSION_MINOR}.${VERSION_MICRO}\")" CMakeLists.txt
+echo "Checking version in config.default.mak"
+egrep -q "VERSION\\s*=\\s*$VERSION_MAJOR\\.$VERSION_MINOR\\.$VERSION_MICRO" config.default.mak
+echo "Checking version in"
+echo "creating $RELEASEBZ2"
+mkdir -p "$(dirname "$RELEASEBZ2")"
+git archive --prefix cparser-$VERSION/ HEAD | bzip2 -9 > "$RELEASEBZ2"
+echo "creating $RELEASEGZ"
+mkdir -p "$(dirname "$RELEASEGZ")"
+git archive --prefix cparser-$VERSION/ HEAD | gzip -9 > "$RELEASEGZ"
+echo "creating $RELEASEXZ"
+mkdir -p "$(dirname "$RELEASEXZ")"
+git archive --prefix cparser-$VERSION/ HEAD | xz -9 > "$RELEASEXZ"