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@@ -18,26 +18,17 @@ many situations.
* A C99 compiler (gcc and icc are known to work).
-* pkg-config (recommended)
-* libFirm-1.21 or later
+* libFirm-1.22
-Make sure you have installed libFirm and pkg-config can find the libfirm.pc
-files ("pkg-config --modversion libfirm" should work). Use (GNU)-make to build
+3. Further Information and Contact
-3. Troubleshooting
+Official website:
-x86\_64 Systems:
-libFirm uses a 32bit x86 backend by default, while it also uses the systems
-default preprocessor/linker. This results on a x86\_64 linker being used
-for 32bit assembly. If you see assembler errors like
-"suffix or operand invalid for 'push'", then you probably have this problem.
-Use the -m32 flag to force usage of system 32bit preprocessor/linker.
+Contact E-Mail:
-4. Contact
+Mailing list:
-There's a Bugtracker at
-You can contact me at
-You might also visit the #firm channel on
+Internet relay chat: irc://