BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ast_grepImplement AST-grep for type property expressions.Christoph Mallon6 years
excUse X_regular and X_except projs for throwing callsJonas Haag18 months
gcc_versionClaim to be older GCC version 4.2.0.Manuel Mohr17 months
icoreLink as C++ code.Manuel Mohr22 months
ltoUpdate submodule.Manuel Mohr11 months
masterSuppress fall-through warnings issued by GCC >= 7Christoph Erhardt3 months
optionsdelay printing of include pathsuntil preprocessor is set upMatthias Braun4 years
volatile_CopyBProvide all CopyB constructors with a volatility flag.Andreas Fried4 years
cparser-1.22.0commit 2ea8db6663...Christoph Mallon23 months
ssaconstrcommit a1546cd3f0...Matthias Braun5 years
cparser-0.9.14commit f3227502f3...Matthias Braun5 years
cparser-0.9.13commit f817440bed...Matthias Braun6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-09-01Suppress fall-through warnings issued by GCC >= 7HEADmasterChristoph Erhardt
2017-09-01Add missing break in switch-case statementChristoph Erhardt
2017-08-24Update libfirm submodule.Andreas Fried
2017-08-14Update libfirm submodule.Andreas Fried
2017-07-12Update libfirm submodule.Andreas Fried
2017-04-26Factor out common code.Christoph Mallon
2017-04-04manpage: Document the default setting of the target triple.Christoph Mallon
2017-04-04manpage: Document '-dumpmachine'.Christoph Mallon
2017-04-04manpage: Document that 'vendor' and 'system' can be omitted from '-target'.Christoph Mallon
2017-04-04manpage: '-b' was renamed to '-m'.Christoph Mallon