Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Fixed Makefile for x10i directories. Some defines in gcconfig.gTobias Rapp2013-08-12
* Some cleaning up and error fixing in octopos threadsTobias Rapp2013-08-08
* Changed malloc from TLM to SHMTobias Rapp2013-07-18
* Added logging functionalityTobias Rapp2013-07-18
* Added some logging and disabled finalizationTobias Rapp2013-07-03
* Running, but segfault versionTobias Rapp2013-07-03
* Added an option for debug outputTobias Rapp2013-07-01
* Added libatomic ops directory for comfortTobias Rapp2013-06-25
* Can't abort in finalizerTobias Rapp2013-06-25
* Merge branch 'octopos' of into octoposTobias Rapp2013-06-25
| * Some refactoring in the octopos thread plattformTobias Rapp2013-06-24
* | Fixed behaviour for non-octopos buildsTobias Rapp2013-06-25
* Minor changesTobias Rapp2013-06-24
* Added debug switch to the MakefileTobias Rapp2013-06-24
* Small changeTobias Rapp2013-06-24
* Octopos threads, first versionTobias Rapp2013-06-24
* Added spinlock initialization for OCTOPOS_THREADSTobias Rapp2013-06-24
* Error fix for locksTobias Rapp2013-06-24
* Most recent MakefileTobias Rapp2013-06-24
* Some threading related stuffTobias Rapp2013-06-20
* Does not only compile, but also linkTobias Rapp2013-06-19
* First version that does compile, still linker errors thoughTobias Rapp2013-06-18
* Changed output library name from gc.a to libgc.aTobias Rapp2013-06-13
* Fixed some errors resulting in unavailable include files. Also added a functi...Tobias Rapp2013-06-13
* First changes, includes octopos MakefileTobias Rapp2013-06-11
* Use compiler TLS for Android NDK gcc/armIvan Maidanski2013-06-10
* Workaround 'unresolved __tls_get_addr' error for Android NDK Clang/x86Ivan Maidanski2013-06-10
* Tag GC malloc routines with alloc_size attribute for Clang 3.2+Ivan Maidanski2013-06-10
* Workaround 'unresolved __tls_get_addr' error for Android NDK clang/mipsIvan Maidanski2013-06-09
* Use pthread API to operate thread-local data on Linux if no compiler TLSIvan Maidanski2013-06-09
* Move GC_OPENBSD_UTHREADS definition to private/gcconfig.h (OpenBSD)Ivan Maidanski2013-06-08
* Suppress 'GC_dont_gc deprecated' warning in gc.h if GC_DONT_GCIvan Maidanski2013-06-08
* Support rthreads introduced in OpenBSD 5.2+Kurt Miller2013-06-08
* Remove unused UTHREAD_SP_OFFSET macro (OpenBSD)Ivan Maidanski2013-06-08
* Update AUTHORS fileIvan Maidanski2013-06-02
* Register dynamic libraries via dl_iterate_phdr on OpenBSDKurt Miller2013-06-02
* Register dynamic libraries via dl_iterate_phdr on Android if possibleIvan Maidanski2013-06-01
* Fix GC_INIT_CONF_ROOTS in gc.h for Android (define __data_start as weak)Ivan Maidanski2013-06-01
* Default to use libc_stack_end in single-threaded GC on glibc targetsLudovic Courtes2013-05-22
* Adjust title and references to doc .html files in itIvan Maidanski2013-05-18
* Adjust README filename in README.QUICKIvan Maidanski2013-05-18
* Convert readme to markdown.David Terei2013-05-10
* Adjust build scripts to enable additional test library in staticrootstestIvan Maidanski2013-05-05
* Improve staticrootstest: add global data to library, add lib w/o GC_INITIvan Maidanski2013-05-05
* Enable staticrootstest for the case of GC shared library buildIvan Maidanski2013-05-04
* Remove GC_BUILD definition from build scriptsIvan Maidanski2013-05-04
* Fix triple-letter typos in comments and documentationIvan Maidanski2013-05-03
* Fix AM_CONFIG_HEADER in configure for autoconf-2.69-1Manuel Serrano2013-04-03
* Fix GC_INIT_CONF_ROOTS in gc.h for Android/x86 and Android/mipsIvan Maidanski2013-03-14
* Fix make disclaim_test to link with new GNU ld linking rulesIvan Maidanski2013-02-28